Finishing Touches Tuesday: A Simple Tea

This past week we celebrated my Mom's 65th birthday! As always my mom did not want us to make a big fuss of her and just keep it "simple". So I did my very best to listen to her advice and scale it back a notch! So instead of a big to-do party we had the immediate family over to our place for a tea and pastry brunch. I wanted her to feel special because she is one of the most important people in my life and is SO giving and selfless to everyone around her.

That was achieved, she was so appreciative of our simple tea and enjoyed every second she had with all her kids and grand kids!

As you all know I love the "finishing touches" you can put on a party. This spread was so simple and easy to do. I went to my local flower mart and picked up fresh blooms on the morning of, arranged them and put them in vases I had around the house, added in some pastries on dessert stands, and set up a serve yourself tea and coffee section! The trick is: setting up a good presentation. It makes it look like you spent hours of work! :) Also last tip - If you are dressing up a party, make each area a "bang" rather then spreading out the decor or food items. They get lost that way, where as in grouping you really see everything come to life!

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Baby MacKenzie Meets Baby Winslow!

A very long awaited day.....One of my dearest of dear friends :) - Meg came in town! This was such a special trip as we got to meet each others little girl for the first time. We had our babies 4 days apart from each other, it does not get much better then that. And no we did not plan it. Well, maybe a little bit of planning but not to this kind of measure! It been just about 5 months of texting pics, videos and hearing the cries and chatter in the background of all our many phone calls. We had such a blast tearing up San Diego together, and soaking in our new little gifts.

Baby Winslow is the prettiest little thing! A straight mix of her Mom and Dad and such a firecracker. Take a peek below:


Vendor Love: Noon

There is the cutest new jewelry and gift boutique on the 101 in Solana Beach. The store is called Noon and they specialize in hand made jewelry, candles, paper goods and goods. I went in looking for a specific style of necklace for my mom's birthday and was SO pleased with what I found.

They have a line of "letter" necklaces that are so fun. I like them because the letter is not a clear cut design so it is less in your face if you know what I mean! I think it would be a really fun bridesmaid gift.


Wedding Wednesday: Nicole and Steven's Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday to you all! I am happy to share with you a stunning winter wedding with you. Nicole and Steven got married at Rancho Valencia, which was very dear to their hearts as Nicole's father is highly involved in the property. Nicole and Steven were so much fun to work with. I also had the bonus of working with Nicole's Dad as he wanted to be involved and even had a organized wedding binder! How cute is that. :) I don't often get to work with the Dad's as much, and it was a refreshing treat.

The night was kick-started with a pre-cocktail hour followed by a very romantic candle light ceremony. Guests then walked down the illuminated walkway with tray passed drinks and apps along the path, all the way down to the cocktail hour in the fountain courtyard. The reception was the big bang of the night! We had The Wayne Foster Band as the starting act, and as always they got everyone's attention. The couples first dance was a choreographed "exact" version of the Dirty Dancing - dance. It was amazing. We had people standing on chairs so they could snap away as it was such an incredible dance. The food was to die for, the flowers were stunning, the lightening was warm and inviting and the dance floor was packed! It was truly an incredible night!

Oh, and the 10pm cut off time in the tent was not going to stop us. We had an after party in the downstairs room with an incredible DJ, sliders and fries and more drinks!

Be sure to look at all the below pictures, as the last few I just had to share. Studio Castillero did an incredible job capturing this epic moment! Moral of the story - If you are going to try flying dance moves wear "glittery undies"! :)


Vendor Love: Frontside Films

It was so fun to get Nicole and Steven's wedding video back from Frontside Films. There is a lot of their personality and spunk in the highlight clip!

The husband and wife team did an incredible job capturing all of the night. I am excited to see the full length video as the couple coreographed the exact, when I say exact, I mean to the "t" - dirty dancing dance! It was sooo amazing. The entire reception was glued to the dance floor as they had so much love pouring out of them. People were standing on chairs just to get a glimpse of their special dance.

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