Destination Wedding: Cabo San Lucas Here we Come!

We are getting SOOOO excited to venture off to Cabo San Lucas today for a wedding this weekend. We have been planning Jason and Gabriella's wedding over the last year and now the day is just around the corner! We can't believe it, but want to because its is going to be #thebestweekendever. :)

Sun, bright colors, good food, beauty, warm atmosphere and Jason and Gabby - here we come!

 photo MEXICO-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zpsaed9c2fa.jpg

Amazing Artist: Sara Lutz Paintings

I have fallen in love with the art of Sara Lutz. Her pieces took my breath away within seconds. She is so colorful with her art but it is done in the most tasteful fashion.  I have never been a big lover of musuems and well paintings in particular- gosh I cringe saying this as I am sure I am offending people left and right. BUT I have to be honest! One thing that I have noticed in myself, for not having a strong background in the arts I am VERY picky with the things I like.

Needless to say most ALL of the walls in my house are bare. I can never seem to like anything I find. Which is why I was so thrilled to discover Sara's work.  Her originals are pricey (well deserved) but she does have prints.  I am for sure going to get a few pieces for our new home!

If any of you have left over wedding money- this could just be the perfect piece for your new home together.

 photo paintinglutz-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerin_zps9f4456d2.jpg

Need a Bridesmaids Gift? - K. Michael Jewerly

Need a Bridesmaids gift... or maybe you just want to splurge on yourself :) Whatever it may be, you should take a look here.  We are digging the style and simplicity of K. Michael jewelry. The clean lines give a bold look to whatever outfit you are rocking!

 photo necklace-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelM_zpscdbe9ea8.jpg

Guest Blogger: Marissa Cool

Among all the new shoes for Summer, one trend has me intrigued...translucent pumps and flats. This see-through element adds a little edge, but can be dressed sweet and playful to allow for any type of event. Below are some of the styles I found the most eye-catching.

 photo glassslippers_zps14e4ef59.jpg

xx, marissa

Black Pumps // White Sandal // Pink Pumps // Black Flats // White Flats // Color Block Flats

Texas Going Away Party Inspiration Board

Obsessed with planning this Texas Going Away Party! Thanks to Miss Alicia we have an amazing start to our rental order with her design boards.  I have only shared the high level board, as the others are well just too complex to fit on a tiny blog. :(

I am so excited to pull everything together... Adding in textures, colors, raw elements and contrast. Ugh just so yummy! Look at the fun pieces so far...

 photo texasinsp-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDel_zps7ef02e39.jpg

Wedding Traditions: The Toasts and the Cake

The Toasts:
Did you know that in ancient years people had a fear of poisoning, therefore at weddings the host would pour glasses of wine from the same decanter and then take the first drink with a toast to show that the wine was suitable to drink? Even more interesting, the phrase “toast” derives from putting a piece of burnt toast in the wine to reduce the acidity making it suitable for drinking.

The Wedding Cake:
Have you also wondered why smashing a delicious treat in your bride or grooms face is a tradition? The wedding cake started out as a small bun, the bun was broken above the bride’s head and then the guest would eat the crumbs for good luck. Years later guests brought small cakes and piled them on a table and the bride and groom would attempt to kiss over the cakes symbolizing a successful long and happy marriage with lots of children. Eventually, a baker decided to put all the cakes together and cover them with frosting. Today cake cutting is a way the bride and groom pledge their unity and share their good luck with guests, and they sometimes even throw in some fun with the cake smashing. 

 photo cakeandtoast-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerin_zpsedd21304.jpg

Guest Blogger: Marissa Cool

Amongst my preference for clean lines and masculine elements in my designs, I enjoy the juxtaposition of some serious femininity. Case in point...petal pinks. In moderation, I love incorporating this subtle hue into work and play.

 photo PetalPink_zps1e6614a7.jpg

Photo Sources:
Chair // Desktop Background // DIY Notebooks // Crossbody Bag // Cat Photo // Diptyque Candle // YSL Lipstick

xx, marissa

Giddy Up! A Texas Themed Invitation

We are working on a going away party for a fabulous family who is moving to Dallas, Texas after 15 years here in San Diego. We are so excited for this party as the vision is just perfect! Picture a huge and amazing backyard with lounge areas that are inspired by Western meets Classy Vintage, wooden bars, market lights, lots of fire pits, a dance floor, a mechanical bull (that's right) and delicious food and treats.

I will share our inspiration board with you on Thursday! For now here is the invitation. Stauros Creative put together such a cute invitation that can be emailed out to all of their guests.

 photo texasinvitation-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanne_zps54b06f9b.jpg
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