Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Little Benjamin

My dear friend Molly is a new mommy to an incredible bundle of joy! I could not resist to give Benjamin his first blog post appearance. He is just that cute! The talented Ian Grant has captured the love in both of his parents faces so well. I love the raw emotion in these photos.

Little Benjamin could not have been born into a better family. I love both Molly and Bill, and know they will be such amazing parents.

Ian does wedding photography as well. You can check him out here: Ian Grant Photography


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Colored Chivari's

Oh, if only budgets were unless! I would customize the chairs for a fun and funky bride that wants a pop of color. I love the sharp color contrast of the chairs against the table tops. I know that some rental companies are starting to carry more color selections, but most likely if you are trying to achieve this look you are going to need to buy your own inventory of chairs. Which as we can imagine is a pricing thing. :( For a wedding it might just not be possible, but if you are having a smaller party, why not! Dream big.


DIY Friday: Chunky Bracelets

I was recently inspired by these DIY bracelets. They are so easy to make, look amazing and are cheap! This would make for a fabulous gift. I would love one :) When I can find the time, I am definitely going to make a few of my own.

Here is the original blog highlighting the bracelet: Honestly WTF. A friend a fellow portrait photographer: Lindsey Carlyle Photography took her own stab at a design. I am loving what she came up with. I think she winged it because the only direction she gave was to tie square knots around the hex bolts. If you are a person needing a bit more direction then check out Honestly WTF, they give you step by step directions.


Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Mom and Dad Go Skydiving

I could not resist to share the recent "check" off the bucket list. My adorable parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, which was not only a huge moment to celebrate but such an exciting day for our family. It was the day that we presented them with a gift certificate to go Sky Diving. My Mom has wanted to Sky Dive for years and well, my Dad was dragged into having the same feeling. That is what marriage is all about right :)

Dad was a little hesitant but was such a good sport as he took the challenge head on and never looked back. After covering 13,000 feet at 120 miles per hour they had achieved what seemed impossible! I am so proud of them for gathering the courage and together accomplishing a milestone in their life. Their relationship is so sweet, pure and inspiring. I look up to them in all that I do.

Congrats Mom and Dad!


Wedding Wednesday: Jen and Jair's Day and Night Engagement Shoot

I am looking forward for the upcoming wedding of Jen and Jair! I have known Jen since high school and have always loved her style and fun personality. I am so thrilled Jen has found her man and know that they are going to make an incredible couple.

Jair and Jen’s love story is straight out of a Hollywood movie. Jen works as an event coordinator for Nordstrom and one of her many jobs was to handle the receiving their daily Fed Ex shipments. This job may have seemed boring in the beginning but slowly it turned to wildly exciting. A very handsome Fed Ex driver would come daily with a causal sexy smile, a thick Spanish accent and a package. It was like Christmas everyday for Jen. :) Eventually Jair found the nerve to ask out this gorgeous and probably a little threatening fashion diva.

From there the rest was history… The two of them have been dating for 3 years and plan to wed this October at the Darlington House in La Jolla!

They took their engagements pictures with Jen’s cousin, Shane Hopkins of The Collecting Place. Take a look at his cute pictures of them. I am also looking forward to seeing the pictures from their wedding as the very talented Jill Thomas Photography.


I can't wait for the BIG day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vendor Love: Zankyou

Zankyou is changing the way we register! With just a few clicks on their website you can set up your own free personal wedding website AND create a cash wedding registry. And get this, their handling fees are among the lowest at only 2.85%. That’s less than PayPal!

When you create a gift registry with Zankyou, the cash value of the gift gets deposited into your bank account. So you can finally say adios to registry regret and the awful task of returning. With Zankyou, you get to decide how and when to use your cash gifts. And they even have a great catalog that allows you to register for anything from a blender to a honeymoon. You can also stay on top of what’s coming into your account with their super simple gift management tool which even lets you respond with thank you’s! I know, amazing, right?


DIY Friday: Flower Pot

What a fun concept this is! Head on over to Home Depot and pick out your favorite flower pot, then stop by a craft store and pick up a sheet of moss and then follow the simple directions below :). It is so easy and makes for a cheap and effective statement on your table. I love the garden look it brings. You can dress this up or down, depending on the rest of your decor.

1. Buy a moss sheet and flower pots
2. Lay flower pots in the center of the moss sheet
3. Tri fold the corners in and use your hot glue gun to affix
(note: make sure the moss covers high enough so that you can't see the plastic flower pot tubs)

In the below picture it is shown in a causal way, something more for a brunch or afternoon tea party. With different flowers I think you can bring the same look into a night time event and really make a pop with the arrangement. So fun!


Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Timi and Leslie Diaper Bags

As you know there is a new focus in my life, so my brain sometimes steers from wedding decor and fashion to babies! I recently found this fun line of diaper bags. I have been searching for the perfect one. Timi and Leslie's "Charlie" collection are possible front runners. I saw these in a local baby boutique the other day and was loving the easy of the strap, space inside and feel of the material. I am thinking the cream or silver would be a fun, yet neutral for the summer season.

Other options I am loving:
  • Rosie Pope from Pregnant in Heels "London Shopper Classic"!
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs "Pretty Eliz-a-Baby"
  • You can also go the route of buying a everyday purse and turn it into a diaper bag, that way you can use it after the baby. I have heard you can buy waterproof inserts to put into purses of all shapes and sizes. I must look into that because it might make my "on sale" bag possible :) Gucci Craft

Feel free to share your input! :)

Wedding Wednesday: Christine and Raul's La Jolla Engagement Shoot

I am excited to introduce to you a very fun and special couple, Christine and Raul. I have the pleasure of working with them as we plan their San Diego 2012 wedding. The resident Virginians are having to plan their wedding from afar, but have made it a point to squeeze in as many San Diego weekends as possible! They are both so in love with our incredible town and believe me it radiates from their faces!

They came into town a few weeks back to enjoy San Diego, take engagement pics and partake in their first string of vendor meetings. It was an eventful and full weekend.

Thank you to Josh Elliott for capturing the day so wonderfully! When Christine and Raul were deciding what to do for the shoot, they had expressed wanting to use the "San Diego Inspired" images in the Save the Date. We have 150 out of town guests coming in for the big celebration, so they found it very fitting to give them a taste of what was to come! San Diego to them was cruising the coast in a convertible and hanging at the beach, so that is exactly what we gave them.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to use my friends uncle's world renowned car collection for the day. He had a 1920 Cobra, 1911 Mercedes, 1935 Rolls Royce, 1975 Woody, just to name a few. It also did not hurt to have their La Jolla Bluff Estate as the incredible backdrop. What a day! I don't know about you but this photo-shoot would make me book my tickets asap.


The picture with the frame, is part of our Save the Date which is being created by the lovely Worboys Design. To be continued...

Finishing Touches Tuesday: Your Wedding Logo

Creating a Wedding Logo is a handsome way to put a unique stamp on your special day. From the save the dates to the wedding favors, a logo can tie it all together. So what exactly is a logo? Think of it as a monogram of sorts with a bit of design added for extra flair.

This is a deceptively affordable way to make the detail piece you are working on, look a little more chic! So when thinking about creating your invitation, menu card, napkin or whatever it may be, consider adding in your own wedding logo.


Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Summer Ties

My husband and I are attending a wedding in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel this weekend. I am excited for the mini getaway and the summer feel of Palm Springs. He is a big "tie" guy, so it inspired me to look for a few summer ties that make a big statement. I am loving Pierrepont Hicks Collection.

I am seeing more grooms go with a suit over a tux, so hopefully this is helpful to you ladies. Encourage them to pair the suit with a quality and color punched tie. This will add color to the wedding party and day. It also acts as a great grooms gift and will actually be something that they can use again.


Wedding Wednesday: A Dream Tahoe Wedding

It has been a "Tahoe" inspired week for me. I found this post from Style me Pretty and fell madly in love with the whole wedding. Shortly after dreaming and wishing I was in Tahoe, I had the wonderful opportunity of signing up a 2012 4th of July wedding in Lake Tahoe! I am so excited to get my hands on this wedding, as I love everything that Tahoe has to offer, not to mention the couple is so fun!

Oh Tahoe....the views, feel and charm give wedding guests the best weekend getaway. It is easy to lure people into a destination wedding when this is the backdrop. Don't you agree?

This family owned farm house is so quaint, colors are just perfect and the details, so sweet. The look screams sophistication without giving off a stuffy vibe. This is true to the Tahoe culture, so it's so fitting.

I love the last picture of the bride and groom "smooching"!


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Unique Rentals

We all know that there is a huge statement made in the rentals at an event. If the chairs, tables, linens... have a unique or special appeal, it really dresses up the event. It can take a plain, somewhat generic wedding and turn it into a truly spectacular event.

I am seeing more and more boutique rental companies opening that service the need for the one of a kind pieces. I love the idea, because as a planner I am always looking for unique pieces and in the past have ended up making them or buying things here and there. I no longer need to do that. Take a look at Pow Wow Rentals. They have a smaller selection but it comes with a big bang!


Vendor Love: Weddings by Austin

I had the pleasure of working with the goofy and fun loving Austin. He is a very talented videographer with such a unique and refreshing style. He just sent me the new "short clips" from Jackie and Hunter's wedding, so I had to share!

Austin pours a lot of himself into his work, as he wants each video to be it's own and scream the uniqueness of the couple. From composition, to color, to music, each element is carefully considered and integrated to portray the full story of the couples day.

Take a peek at one of his samples:

DIY Friday: Cookie Stand

I have a wedding in a week, so a few weeks back we were brainstorming what to do for the escort card table. She wanted to incorporate their personality and do something fun and playful. When she said that they both have serious sweet tooth's, the idea came to me. For her escort "cards" I told her it would be fun to make mini DIY cookie jars for people to take home. I thought it could act as a favor and escort in one. We then could label it with the table number and even a "sweet" saying.

She needed a visual as most brides do, so when I was searching for an example of what was in my head I came across these fun pics! I love how classy yet laid back the whole spread looks. This is DIY done right. The milk stand is my favorite part! Who would not love this set up as a late night snack at any event.


Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Running on Happiness

My good friend, Tiffany just shared with me a few "new" blogs that she is lovin. She usually has some gems for me, and again proved to be right. Running on Happiness is worth tagging in your favorites! Her style is similar to mine (or at least how I aim to look :)) and I love how she encourages us all to utilize what we have in our closets.

Not to mention her body is rockin, which makes it a great daily source to get motivated on both fashion and a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to look like this post Baby Woodcock. Is it possible, if I didn't look even close to as great, pre preggers? :)

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