Wedding Wednesday: Matt and Maryam's Wedding

True Photography just sent me the images to the Delsen wedding this past summer! Matt and Maryam wed at The Estancia Resort and Spa. I have know Matt since high school so it was so fun to see him in this moment, as he was marrying the love of his life. I so enjoyed working with the two of them during the last month the planning process. I came in at crunch time and we laid out all the last minute details which brought the wedding to life!

The day was a total hit. The ceremony was so moving, the cocktails and delicious appetizers flowed and the band closed off the night with jam after jam! Guests left wanting more of the night, which is always a great sign!

I am so happy for the two of you and can't wait to see what this year has in store. Cheers!


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Garnish- Package Life's Moments

I am making welcome baskets for a 4th of July - Lake Tahoe wedding and discovered and coolest site! Just love the concept and can't wait to start using their products in events I have coming up. It is so simple but often the simplest things are what stand out.

Instead of packaging something in a boring bag, why not use a throw back to-go container or maybe rethink your coffee set up and replace it with a "plain" or custom kraft! There is no reason NOT to package "life's moments", when they are so affordable and easy to do!


Thouroughly Inspired Thursday: Ombre Napkins

So I have been styling the reception look for an upcoming modern wedding and was stuck on what I wanted to do with the napkin. I was out shopping and saw a super cute ombre t-shirt and it made me think "how cool would an ombre colored napkin be"! SO - the minute I got home I started to research DIY ideas to help me bring this to life. I am going to try it out over the weekend. I cant wait!


Check out the run down from Once Wed:

You can pick up RIT fabric dye at your local Michael’s/JoAnn’s/ACMoore. You won’t need a lot, so buy the boxes of dye (as opposed to the bottle size). Choose whatever colors look pretty to you.

Other supplies you will need are:
-white fabric napkins (it’s nice to have a few extra for testing)
-several glass cups/jars (tall enough to dip the napkins in, one for each color)
-wooden paint stirrers or pencils
-cheap paintbrushes
-scrap papers strips (if you have scrap white fabric, that’s even better)
-rubber gloves
-LOTS of paper towels.

Fold your napkin into the shape you want it to be in when it’s finished. Clip the top with two clothespins (so you can pick it up later without getting any stray dye on it) then put it aside.

Make sure your kitchen counter is lined with paper towels or other protective gear. Fabric dye will stain things like wood and hands, so put on your gloves!

Fill a jar with hot water (roughly to the height you want it on the napkin), then add a pinch of fabric dye. This stuff is potent, so i’m talking just a few crumbs! Stir it until the dye is well mixed, and then dip in a piece of scrap paper to test how dark the dye is. Keep mixing dyes until you get a shade you like, and test with paper as you go.

Dip the napkin quickly several times, first with the lightest shade, then mixing the dye darker and dipping again, a little lower on the napkin each time. Just rest the napkin on paper towels in your sink in between dye sessions. Also, you can dip the paintbrush in the dye and paint on the napkin to get extra emphasis. The dye is really forgiving, so have fun experimenting!

When they’re done, they can air dry, flat on the counter.

Thouroughly Inspired Thursday: Your Love Art

I have the pleasure of working with a contemporary, artistic and cutting edge bride, who recently shared this amazing site with me: Bespoken Art. I think the idea behind the art is so fun! They capture your audio through digital upload or a digital phone recording, then print your sound, according to your specifications, onto a stunning canvas just for you!

My bride is going to capture the audio of their "Vows" and hang the canvas above their bed. I just love it!


Finishing Touches Tuesday: A Baby Shower for Shane

My gorgeous sister in law is pregnant with her first lil one! I am so thrilled for her to embark on this amazing journey ahead and also so happy to welcome another baby into the family. Myself and a few of her closest ladies got together to throw her a shower. It is a special day filled with out of this world food, great conversations, laughter and ultimate joy for the life we are about to welcome!

Baby Shane's room is beach chic, with creams and pops of blue and yellow. So we wanted to pull that same theme into the day.

Here are a few fun and easy tips:
1. When doing flower arrangements use smaller vases- as you can see here there are only a few blooms in each vase which saves you a lot of money and still gives you the full look
2. Patterned paper cut out in a circle to line the center of the charger. Easier and cheaper then buying a custom plate
3. Fill up vases with shells or sea salt - Gives you a full look for less
4. Use Mason Jars for a specialty drink- Fun and affordable!
5. Buy a good dessert stand. You will use them again and again!

We love you Nina and are SO thrilled to meet your lil man! He is going to be a stud. April 20th can't come any sooner. xo


I love yummy cupcakes! Especially cute ones :) Dot's Cupcakes knows how to achieve these two things well, they specialize in their design and flavors. I am using them for an upcoming wedding shower. The reason being is they sell personalized red velvet cupcakes favors. How fun is that! See below:

They act as such a fun favor and treat in one! They are $5 each and can be customized to what you want it to say. They make 12 cupcakes and the minimum order is a dozen. I am just loving them and cant wait to add them into the decor of this gorgeous wedding shower to be! :)


Wedding Wednesday: We Won!!!

I am so excited to share with you, We won the Exquisite Cover Contest! Anjuli Photography was the master mind behind all the amazing images from the day and because of that she landed us on the cover. The wedding was stunning and just so cool. The personal details, vibrant colors, killer food and music made for a really unique night!

You can see the full post on Conni and Clint's wedding here:

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