A Private Residence Wedding That Goes Down In The Books

Welcome to Allison and Justin's Wedding... The fashion designer took her spin on weddings for a change and did a darn good job. It was so much fun to work with Allison and Justin, they are the perfect combo of romance and child like fun. We cant wait to see what they both conquer in life because we can almost bet it is going to be spectacular.

Having the wedding in the backyard of the home she grew up in is pretty special. Each and every detail was perfect to them as a couple and guests were boasting in ambiance!

Get ready to have your breath taken away. There simply aren’t words that will do this wedding justice, but these images from Ashley Kelemen speak for themselves.

 photo Beal-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarWe_zpsbf589a62.jpg photo Beal1-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zps5e4fb1cf.jpg photo Beal4-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zps48ce2adf.jpg photo Beal2-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zps1bc1a365.jpg photo Beal3-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zps5f13312f.jpg photo Beal10-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zpsbacd23da.jpg photo Beal11-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zps28d0c7b4.jpg photo Beal5-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zpsb95c8a7b.jpg photo Beal6-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zps456d5bb2.jpg photo Beal7-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zps7aed2a15.jpg photo Beal9-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zps71e545cc.jpg photo Beal8-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zpsb65247f1.jpg


Coordinator:Before I Do Events
Photographer: Ashley Kelemen
Florist: Sweet Marie Designs
Wedding Dress: Carol Hanah
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Hair Jewelry: Paris by Deborah Moreland
Veil: Veiled Beauty
Hair: Lacy at Dry Bar, Carmel Valley
Makeup: Krysta Demetris
Ceremony Band: Dawn Mitschele
Reception Dance Band: Jordan Music Entertainment
Catering: Wild Thyme Catering
Cake: VG's Bakery
Party Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Lighting: San Diego Events Lighting Company
Valet: Preferred Valet Parking

Day 1: "Farm To Table" of our 4th of July Party

We recently wrapped up an annual 3 day family reunion party that we do each year for this family. It is the event of the year, for not only all the family members, but our team as well. It is one to write in the books as it is FILLED with activities, amazing food/drinks and story book views. The Before I Do team takes on each and every element of the planning for this event. This year Tammi's boyfriend and his team of sous chefs headed up all the catering! We are so proud of Walter and his team because our client is a foodie to the highest degree and he was over the moon with the display of perfection that they put on. 

Each day is a different theme so for the next 3 weeks we will be sharing one of the days...

Today's look is Farm to Table. The family is 100% organic and one with nature so this theme was so comforting to them and I believe was the favorite of the three days. :) We incorporated a ton of fresh herbs and potted plants along with veggies and fruit cascading from all angles. The wood tables/benches and rustic vintage decor pieces really played a nice balance in the home which is full of pops of color. The menu complimented our look perfectly, with elements like our cheese display.

Take a look through the images and just imagine being there for the day, with a row of massage beds laid out on the beach for anyone who wants them and surf lessons going on in the shore break. Perfection! I don't know about you but I want to be a part of this family!

A huge thank you to Isari Flower Studio and Marisa McBride Photography for all the beauty...

 photo 4th-farmtotable3-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlann_zps41b18a35.jpg photo 4th-farmtotable4-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlann_zpsf9aa8624.jpg photo 4th-farmtotable-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanne_zps1be5a04f.jpg photo 4th-farmtotable5-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlann_zps0fcc14cb.jpg photo 4th-farmtotable6-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlann_zps183811c8.jpg photo 4th-farmtotable7-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlann_zps6e1ad73f.jpg photo 4th-farmtotable2-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlann_zps1066934c.jpg photo 4th-farmtotable8-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlann_zps737082e9.jpg
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