DIY Friday: Cupcakes

I am hosting a baby shower for my dear friend, Molly! Molly and her hubby have decided to WAIT to find out the sex of their new lil one! A rare thing these days... I love that they are waiting, it is so old school and exciting! So when thinking about the theme and colors, I decided to stick with the pastels! The shower is also themed with a raw, organic, bird nest feel! Symbolizing the anticipation of the baby hatching! :)

A friend and I am going to tackle these darling cupcakes! Instead of making the birds from frosting, you can substitute the AMAZING Cadbury Mini Eggs. It will look just like a birds nest with much less work!



The shower is next weekend! I will share the picture with you after!


~ Michele

Thoroughly Inspired Thursday:

I have always oodled over this store! I am dying to find time to go and take-a-peek. It is a great source for your design needs. Many interior designers have this spot tagged as their go to place. It is a very specific style, but if you are into the craftsman, clean, classic style and can afford the ticket price then you are in heaven!

Even just looking at the site can give you ideas and inspiration of things you can do in your home: Juxtaposition




Wedding Wednesday: South African Style

I cant wait to share with you a dear family friend's South African wedding! Krystle, the stunning bride and I grew up together playing every made up game there was and most likely getting in trouble! Krystle is so full of life and as you can see has a smile to kill. She meet her husband, Jacques years back and together they have built an incredible life! Their little girl, Isabella Coco is seriously the sweetest thing I have ever seen. The ceremony pics of them holding there little girl, will bring tears to your eyes! I guess it should be assumed that such a good looking couple would make such a beautiful little girl!

Krystle and Jacques live in South Africa and got married in Durban North Methodist Church with the reception at the gorgeous Oyster Box Hotel.

Take a look at the very special day!


Cheers to The MacKenzie's! We don't see you enough! Jay and I are aiming for a South Africa trip- 2012! We hope to see you soon...

~ Michele

Finishing Touches Tuesday: Save on Crafts

I stumbled upon this great wholesale site. I usually buy all my details for an event at the local wholesale place here in San Diego, but with being a store front, inventory is limited (even though it is massive). Online can often times give you even more options and choices!

Check out Save on Crafts! They have such a great selection of items that will add so much more to your special event! I could spend hours on this site, dreaming up all sorts of projects. Remember beauty lies in the details!!!! They are noticed and just so fun to gaze at!

I just ordered a few things for my upcoming Bday/Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! Hoorah!



~ Michele

Vendor Love: Cody Carter

Cocktail Hours will now be complete! Check out my friend Cody's Facebook and youtube page for amazing soundtracks of his work! He really can sing anything! He creates a lot of his own work and can learn just about any song. A group of us went to watch him at E Street Cafe last weekend, and we all just had a blast sitting back and listening to his voice. Cody is so talented and would be a great addition to any event.

Check out his Facebook page to get updates on his local gigs. That way you can go see him live in person. All his events are free, and are in really fun venues.


If you want to check availability or pricing for your next event, just email me and I can fill you in.


~ Michele

Enjoy the Weekend

Happy Friday!

Everything about this quote by Mark Twain inspires me! I have always wanted to live life like this, it is my goal everyday! Some days I think I succeed and others I can try harder :)

Enjoy. Create. Live. Make the most of the weekend!


~ Michele

Oh my Pat's Corner! How I Love You!

I wish I could claim that I was the one to find this store but I cant! I was complaining one day about how I wanted to start getting a few new furniture pieces but that we could just not afford it. I am so glad I decided to share my dramatic struggle :) because if not, I would have never found out about the gem. The store is called Pat's Corner.

I have to first warn you! This is not a store for the weak of heart! It will shock you in the beginning. It basically is a giant yunk yard of wood pieces and old furniture. BUT if you can get past the initial shock, get creative, see the potential in these old pieces you have just found yourself a gem! Not to mention the women that work there are sooo sweet and talented! They are the reason the pieces come out the way they do.

Here is a breakdown of the pieces I got and the prices!!!

Vintage Shabby Food Cabinet - $45
This was a bright peach empty dresser! I told them the color I wanted it, that I wanted legs (my husband is too tall to bend down as low as it was), shelves and small handles so we can open it. I left that day a bit nervous because all I saw we a horribly ugly peach dresser. I came back 2 weeks later and found this! It is now one of my favorite pieces!!! All for $45 dollars!
Old Samsonite Suitcase- $5
It is on top of the food cabinet
White Shabby Kitchen Table and Chairs- $80
This was a horrible wood color table. I almost could not see past the wood. But then I thought, we are in a rental and only have a small place for a table, so instead of buying a table that clearly would not work in a potential next house why not take the chance and just have something cheaper in the meantime. Again I was so impressed and happy with the result. I told them the color and look and feel I wanted and it was dead on!!
Black Distressed Dresser - $30
This was a dresser I owned for my college days. It was a ugly light color "fake" wood Ikea dresser. I was about to chuck it because I thought they would not be able to paint or stain over fake wood. Well turns out they can! They just stand it down and paint way. I went with the black distressed look and love it! I have people asking me all the time if it is a Pottery Barn piece!


Pat's Corner. Is located:

3409 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104-4117
(619) 299-1434

P.S. I had a few people ask where I got my vintage frames ( a few posts back) I got them here! They were $10 dollars each!

~ Michele

For Japan with Love...

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Japan - today I will be participating in a bloggers day of silence to help raise money for those affected by the disaster. The two amazing women behind Utterly Engaged & Ever Ours have put together a fabulous fundraiser For Japan With Love. All money raised will go directly to ShelterBox - an organization whose volunteers work first hand in Japan providing food, shelter, and basic needs for these victims. Any contribution no matter how large or small will be greatly appreciated. To make a donation visit For Japan With Love.


Japan and all the people affected, you are in our thoughts and prayers!

~ Michele

Ivy and Piper

Ivy and Piper have done it. They had a goal and vision and they have brought it to life. I think they are great inspiration to all the young female entrepreneurs out there. Just go for it girls! I know we all have ideas, and making them reality is hard but look how it pays off. I am "assuming" they did not have the budget or resources to make a print magazine, so they made a online magazine. Which is so applicable to our current day market. Genius!

I love their style, vision and layout for the magazine. Check them out online and see for yourself: Ivy and Piper


~ Michele

Purple Themed Candy Bar

I was given the fun job of creating a CANDY BAR for a dear friends "purple themed" wedding shower! The shower was just gorgeous and the candy was a hit. Only problem I see with Candy Bar's: they look so nice that people are scared to eat from it! Dive right on in everybody! That is why they are there!

Tips for a candy bar:
  • Different shades of color add depth and a new element
  • Throw in different shape vases and heights
  • Flowers soften the look and add a happy element
  • Putting a hanging back drop behind it, will close in the look and let the Candy Bar stand out without anything else distracting it
  • Think of a cute way to bag up the candy so people can take it home


~ Michele

Sprouted Kitchen- SO good!

I find myself wanting to eat the food straight off the computer screen. If you love to cook, this may change your life :). If you don't love cooking this site will inspire you and help you see how easy and good it can be!

Visit Sprouted Kitchen for more amazing recipes.

Here is what I am making for dinner! Salad for dinner, means dessert is a must! Duh!



I am hungry... Bye,

~ Michele

Laren and Courtney: JCrew Photo Shoot

My gorgeous friends Courtney and Laren! Check out a very short highlight of their photo shoot taken by the very talented Stone Crandall. Make sure you look around on Stone's site, as his work is stunning! Laren and Courtney have been married for just over a year now and they are the perfect candidates for a JCrew inspired shoot! Stone has such an eye for photography and design, which clearly explains why his work ended up on Green Wedding Shoes!

Here is a bit of background on one of my favorite couples: Laren is the founder of a non-profit based in San Diego called Invisible Children. Through the use of film, creativity and social action Invisible Children is actively contributing to the restoration of peace and prosperity in Northern Uganda. Courtney actually met Laren when she was volunteering for Invisible Children as a roadie. My husband and Laren had worked together at Invisible Children for 5 years, so naturally I become besties with the fun loving Courtney. We just love them so much. Almost as much as Laren's INSANE proposal video. Please take a second to watch. If you are a sucker for the classic love stories, make sure a tissue is close by! You can read the engagement story on Green Wedding Shoes.


Proposal Video from Behind the Scenes on Vimeo.

Hope you are feeling the love today!

~ Michele

Fabric Frame DIY Project

My DIY frame project evolved in stages. I first found these incredible frames at a vintage shop. I then stared at them for a few days wondering what I would do with a empty glassless frame. FABRIC! Fabric is perfect... because finding art is hard and can take time, so why not make some art out of fabric.

It is easy:

1. Find a frame you love
2. Buy the fabric of your choice
3. Get a blank canvas (Michaels)
4. Wrap the fabric tight around the canvas board
5. Use a staple gun (easier then fabric glue) and staple the edges
6. Insert into frame
7. Hang!


Another fun idea is to make a collage wall of frames with different fabric, instead of photos!


~ Michele

Lauren and Cory's Wedding

Can we say model couple!? We would not be too far off, because both Lauren and Cory have done extensive modeling in their past. They have even had many gigs modeling together as a couple. They are probably going to kill me for bragging about them! :) The best part is both are so stunning inside too. I just loved working with Lauren and Cory! Their story is also one to note:

In short....

Mountain loving, big kid for a Dad and gorgeous Mom go on a hella-skiing trip in Canada. Big kid for a Dad, becomes best buds with the Guide and demands he flies to visit them in San Diego. Guide comes to San Diego to play with the big kid for a Dad's toys: dirt bikes, motorcycles etc... Guide happens to be super hunky and the big kid for a Dad's daughter happens to be a knock out. Darn- the daughter has a boyfriend and the Guide has a girlfriend.

Well.... you just can't stop love! The rest was history!

Lauren and Cory got married at the rustic and beautiful Torrey Pines Lodge! The wedding was full of so many laughs, the best Father of the Bride speech I have ever heard and an amazing band! Thank you Atomic Groove for giving everyone such a great night. Take a peek at all the beauty...


It was such a great night! I loved being a part of it! Congrats Lauren and Cory!

~ Michele

The Bridal Suite

I am so excited that The Bridal Suite by Exquisite Weddings has featured Meg and Del's Tahoe wedding. The Bridal Suite is one of my favorite bridal blogs, if you have not checked it out already you must now! I am honored to be featured on this incredible site that is a resource for so many brides.

Thank you!



~ Michele
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