Day 3: Mexican Fiesta - 4th of July Bash

Cheers to the last day of our amazing 4 day Family Reunion! The Mexican Fiesta went off as a huge success. People loved the food, vibe and atmosphere. It helps that the weather was picture perfect too!

Take a peek at our set up for this day! We did not have a professional photographer to document the beauty, so we did our best to capture the true look of the day. Whenever we try and do pictures ourselves it makes us appreciate professionals even more! :)

Thanks to Tam at Isari the florals were INSANE! Ugh we could just eat them all up. The color, texture and vibrance was exactly what our vision was for the day.

 photo 4thdayMex-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDel_zpsca323539.jpg photo 4thdayMex4-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDe_zps7fce5c16.jpg photo 4thdayMex3-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDe_zpsa1c6b91e.jpg photo 4thdayMex2-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDe_zpscb35723f.jpg

Day 2: A Traditional 4th of July Bash

Happy Sunny Tuesday! This post is the perfect one to wake you up this morning and kick start your day! Our 4th of July event was so full of color and happiness. We went with traditional elements in the decor and had the menu of the day to follow suit. Thanks so much to Tam at Isari Floral, the colors in the floral were perfection.

My favorite part of the set up was the beach. We brought in these amazing wooden cabana's from Farm Tables and More. We had white day beds under them with a collection of pillows, ferns, games and fully stocked baskets with any beach necessity you could imagine. It also helps when tray passed servers are greeting you with cocktails and apps. Guests truly had the 5 star hotel experience but with the comfort and ease of home!

A HUGE thank you to Lauren Natalie Photography for the images!

 photo 4thday-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zpse6d15e77.jpg photo 4thday2-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMa_zpsa8ad9a8b.jpg photo 4thday4-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMa_zpsbf8af3e4.jpg photo 4thday3-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMa_zpse42f4dd4.jpg photo 4thday5-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMa_zps5b6025a6.jpg photo 4thday6-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMa_zpseb37b1cf.jpg photo 4thday7-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMa_zps2d0a81d1.jpg photo 4thday8-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMa_zps6a4d7fbe.jpg photo 4thday9-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMa_zps1b772243.jpg
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