Vendor Love: NR3 Video Productions

NR3 Video Production is worth checking out. I have the pleasure of working with them on an upcoming wedding. They are an extremely talented Video Production company out of San Diego. The husband and wife team have been bringing a new element to wedding videography for the several years.

Not only do they have a clean and creative spin to their work, but they have been recognized as the #1 videographer on News 10's A List as well as one of the top Videography companies by the Knot. They film weddings througout Southern California primarily but are available for travel worldwide.

Take a peek at some of their work:

Daniela & Isaac Wedding Highlights - Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, CA from nr3videoproductions on Vimeo.

DIY Friday: The Women in My Life

When I saw this picture it brought the biggest smile to my face. I am starting to get SO excited for our little girl to come into this world. The chances of her being a toe head are strong so when I saw this sweet picture it melted my heart.

It also gave me a fun idea. This weekend's project is to "start" on the baby room. I thought it would be fun to have a spot of the wall be a collage of black and white candid pics (so not smiling into the camera) of all the women in my life, which in turn will be the women in her life. I think it will be fun to point to the old memories and have her know how they are. It will also bring a richness of the past into her "new" little life and room!

So, to my dear sisters and mothers and grandmothers: Mom, Norine, Ann, Eleanor, Julie, Nina, Amanda please look through the pics books and pick out your favorite picture of you as a little girl!

After the 400+ person Navy Seal Graduation party that I am doing today :) I am off to make my DIY collage of women!


Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Nutella Pancakes

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. I luckily woke up with some energy and decided to cook up a nice breakfast. I am a major fan of Nutella. I could eat it all day, everyday. My favorite is putting it on banana's. It sounds strange but just try it, I promise you will never look back.

It was not only a new thing to try it on pancakes but a major success! Just spread them inside a stack of warm pancakes and dig in. YUM!


Wedding Wednesday: A Montana Affair

Hi Cowgirls! If you have any bit of country loving in your bones, then you will love the feel and vibe of this wedding. Last week I had the pleasure of flying to Montana to help out a friend for her big day! We had collaborated a few times before to go over some fun things to add into the look, but from there Lea ran with it! I am so impressed with how she brought her big day together. It screamed Lea and Clint and so perfectly represented there union.

My sweet husband finally had a glimpse into a day and a life of a wedding planner, as together we ran around bringing all the pieces of the day together. I think he has a whole new appreciation of what I do. He was actually such a good helper that I offered him a full time position with Before I Do Events but he graciously declined. :)

The night was filled with twists and turns, which was so much fun as the guests were always on their toes. We had an amazing outdoor ceremony with a mix of benches and chairs- love that! Followed by a cocktail hour with a 25 piece band, full bars with some Montana specials, couches with fire pits close by, old fashioned bars and metal chairs made out of horse shoes. To wrap that up, we went into a full fledge Montana style BBQ with pork and beef ribs, Alaskan baked salmon and all the toppings.

Oh, and not to mention we had a brief 30 minute "out of the movies" thunder, lightening and rain storm in the middle of the cocktail hour. Luckily, Lea and Clint are as laid back as it gets because they just looked up at the sky, laughed and carried on with the party! After recovering from my mild heart attack, I too put the showers behind me and partied on!

I will highlight this wedding again with the "real" professional pics, as mine just do not do it justice.

Enjoy! Thank you Montana for being SO beautiful!


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Buy your own Linens

I have recently discovered this site called Initially I was not loving it, because well, I really judged the book by it's cover but as I dug deeper I found the real gems. On a side note, they really do need to hire someone to spruce up there site. :) Regardless they have a great product.

It is expensive to rent custom linens and sometimes it works out much better (and cheaper) to buy your own linen or runner. In some cases you save and then you have something to show for it after. Granted the custom linens that people like WildFlower and La Tavola put out are simply stunning but in some lucky cases a site like this might just be the trick.

You can order sample swatches to see if the color and print is what you are hoping for. Their pricing is so great and so far the quality I have seen is up to par.


Vendor Love: Sea Breeze Vacation Rentals

This weekend I went by a few of Sea Breeze vacation rentals. I was very impressed with the quality of the homes and the customer service they offered. I was looking for the perfect property for a brides family to stay in during the wedding week, as well as a property that would dual up to host the Welcome Dinner. It is really hard to find La Jolla homes with a big grassy backyard, one big enough for a large group. We did just that, our hunt is over because Sea Breeze presented us with the perfect property.

After looking at a few homes, I was even tempted to take a "staycation" and soak up one of these fancy pads in style! :)

You can access there site here: Sea Breeze


Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Red Gingham Picnic Linens

Check out these handy place Gingham mats and napkins that stay neatly on their rolls until you need them. All you have to do is tear off as many as you need to quickly set your preppy themed picnic table!

I found these at Neiman Marcus and was not only glad to come across my find but shocked at the cheap price! What a great gift or addition to your party!

You can view and purchase them here:


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Welcome Baskets

I love welcome baskets! They make such a statement and really leave your guest feeling special and appreciated. There are endless options and creative ways to turn your welcome basket into a custom loving gift from the two of you. I just got back from my Montana wedding and realized even more how great it is to incorporate that element into your day.

One tip that I will leave with you: Make sure to include items that the guest will actually use. Don't put items in there to just look pretty. The reason being is they will go un used and will be a waste. You can still make the necessary items look so sweet. For example, what about giving your guests a packet of Advil, to maybe help with the next day party headache. Instead of using a generic Advil packet, put it in a cute box with a ribbon and note with a catchy phrase like, "Just in Case".

Have fun creating your welcome baskets, as you get inspired by the great ones below.


Happy Friday: Montana Here I Come...

The time has come for our summer vacation! My husband and I are heading up to Montana. His family has a quaint cabin on Ashley Lake. In our 3 years of marriage we have never made it up to the cabin, so to say we are looking forward to it is an understatement.

Not to mention I happen to be doing a wedding that is taking place in Big Fork, Montana on the same exact week. The timing was so meant to be. Leah and Clint will be tying the knot Montana style. I cant wait to show you how the wedding turns out. It is going to be so beautiful, unique and best of all Montana inspired. From the baby back ribs, mini huckleberry jam favors to the antique mountain decor the night is going to be something special!

I will be taking a blogging break. Enjoy your week and I will see you all again next week!


Wedding Wednesday: Flowers on a Budget

If you are on a budget or simply prefer to spend your money on others areas then floral, here are some great tips.

1. In the months or years prior, keep your eye out for unique pieces that you can reuse around the house and keep forever. Candle sticks, vases, bowls, lanterns etc... Your can find such things at thrift stores, flea markets or even your mom's or grandmother's house!

2. Look for a florist that has a LARGE inventory of glassware. You can get creative with incorporating unique glassware and then small amounts of floral. You are then only paying the rental fee of the glassware and minimal floral charge

3. Look to incorporate other natural elements into your look. They cost less then flowers, last longer (sometimes forever) and still give a full look. Ie. grass runner, birch woods branches, moss, wood planks, hay etc...

4. Candles are not the only option to put along side your floral arrangements. You can find amazing pieces to add. Once you have determined your look and style, see what goes and add from there. Ie. silver or gold balls, fabric squares, berries or acorns, broken sea glass etc...


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Unique Bars

A unique bar set up is something that I appreciate and like to put creative energy into. I would encourage you to take a little more time in the planning of your bar set up. It does not need to be expensive or elaborate. With some small touches and effort you can really dress up the experience of getting the highly anticipated cool beverage!

Whether its an Ice Bar, Rock Candy Stinks in your bourbon or personalized mason jars it is all noticed and appreciated by your guest. Take a look at a few of the ideas I love:


DIY Friday: 4th of July

HAPPY 4th of JULY!
I hope you enjoy the long weekend with your friends and family. Eat, Relax, Get Some Sun and Make Someone Smile! We are off to a wedding tonight and will be seen on the beach possibly 3 days in a row. Yippee!

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