DIY Friday: Polyvore

I just love the new Polyvore site! It is the DIY for clothing and styling! You can use it as a tool for so many different things. It can be a source of inspiration, help you put together and "visualize" the different looks that you can create from you own wardrobe, and even start a wish list that you can send along to friends and family.

I had fun playing around with one of the templates they have on the site. The bottom of the post is the look I put together. On the left is the "out to lunch" day outfit and on the right is the "special occasion" night outfit. I just love electric blue shoes with the red heels!

Check out Polyvore to create your next outfit!


Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Vogue's Kelly Connor

You have to check out this slideshow on Kelly Connor is a former co-worker of mine and whenever she would come into the office, I would stare and admire her unique and stunning style. She has modeled and been in the fashion industry for years and now works for Vogue. Lucky girl. The best part of the slideshow is, all the items you see on her are her own! Her mother was a past Ford model and has past down to Kelly some really special items. Kelly also has been given some really generous things in her lifetime and personally collects items that are rare yet timeless.

You can click here to see the article on 5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl. Make sure to hit the slideshow button so you can click through each image. She also gives a detailed description of where she has gotten each item.

Amazing style and an impressive collection of clothing and accessories. I am one envious girl!


Wedding Wednesday: The Royal Wedding

A fellow classmate and friend was just interviewed by San Diego Magazine to ask about her "past" with Prince Williams. Get your head out of the gutter, her past involved going to the same University as Prince Williams. They both attended St. Andrews University in Scotland and were not only the same year but classmates. And by classmate, I mean in the same class.

Not too many of us can say we have as interesting of a collegiate story as this one. I can just picture her as a grandmother talking to her grandkids, as she reminisces about her collegiate days with the Price of England.

Check out the interview here!

I hope you are all planning on watching the taping of the Royal Wedding this Friday!


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Amanda's Easter

It is a competition in the family, as to who loves doing tables the most. It is so much fun to share the same passion and interests as my sister in law! We can talk party planning for hours, as we love to dream up lavish events. It is the men in our lives that seem to damper our moods as they put the brakes on our wild ideas. :) Amanda is an incredible party planner and is always scheming up the next holiday or family event.

Take a look at the gorgeous Easter table she did for us! I just love the Chocolate Bunnies with the lime green name tags and the easter basket flower arrangements. On top of her stunning table scape she also made an amazing brunch!

You can also check out more details on the table here.


Vendor Love: Michael Tiernan

If you are looking for a great DJ, Guitarist, Live Vocalist, even full piece band look no further. Michael Tiernan from Still Listening Productions is the real deal. I was lucky enough to have found him as a bride. Michael was the DJ at our wedding and to say it in short - he brought the party! I don't even think I am biased, because people talked of the dance party we had for weeks.

Michael is an incredible artist, and knows how to read the crowd, shaping the atmosphere with music that is perfect for the moment. It is hard to find an all around DJ that has the voice, charm and playlist. On top of all of those attributes, he is an award-winning singer/songwriter with over 17 years of performance and event coordination experience. You can check his music out here: Still Listening Productions.


Vendor Love: Studio Castillero

You may know by now, but if not, Studio Castillero is insane! They are one of California's most talented photography duos. I went to high school with Rachel, so for years I have respected her style and funky approach to everything she does. Just a few years ago Rachel and Rico tied the knot and so began Studio Castillero. Both had years of experience in different areas of the Arts and so the combination of both backgrounds made sense to fuse together.

I think it is so special to have a husband and wife duo on your wedding day, as they have been through that day together and really understand and relate to the special moments you want captured.

Check them out here. You will not regret meeting and getting to know this fun loving couple!


Good luck in your Photography search!

DIY Friday: Easter Stands

With Easter this coming Sunday, I wanted to give you all a DIY blog post that was easy enough to do in a few days. Here is a very simple way to dress up your easter table. It gives the table such an elegant feel with remaining true to the Easter spirit.

You can even stamp or color pencil on your guests name on the egg! You can add color that way if you are looking for a bit of a pop. Oh, and don't worry if you cant find tulips then pick your favorite flower to add the detail. I love the look of the leaf hanging down, if you do as well, look for something with a long leaf.

You can find these napkin rings anywhere, but for an example I have attached a collection from Pottery Barn for you to see.


I hope you all enjoy your weekend and Easter Holiday with your family and friends!

Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Emerson's Home

I adore EmersonMade! A good friend, intimately aware of my obsession, recently sent me this article from LifeStyle Lust, and well... I lusted for sure! I mean, is this for real!? I just love their place, tucked away in the country and styled out so well! It’s incredibly romantic!

I hope their life is as amazing as I imagine, and if so, it gives
us all hope of making our dreams reality! They lived in the city before they decided to pack up everything and move to the country. I love the bold move, the classic style, the great jeans, organized pantry and the simple life. I hope you get as inspired as I am:


Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Wise Show

The Wedding Wise show this past weekend was a total hit! They really put on an excellent show! There were so many talented vendors that together gave the day such a good vibe. Brides seemed thrilled to be a part of the special and unique show. They took their time as they walked through the show, soaking up all the creative and fun new ideas. I met some really sweet and styled out potential brides. I hope to work with you all soon!

You can see below, a highlight of the Before I Do booth! Thanks to the very talented Studio Castillero who came early to capture the day! There work is just stunning! Thank you Rachel and Rico for making us look so good! :)


Thank you to my brother and his wife, Nina for coming to help set up! You were such a huge help. Also, thank you to my darling assistant, Annika who always brings a smile to my face! What a great day and show! Until next year...

Thank you to some of my favorite vendors:

Photography: Studio Castillero

~ Michele

Finishing Touches Tuesday: My New Blog

I am thrilled to introduce to you the "NEW" Before I Do Events Blog! In honor of finishing touches, I have done a few of my own. Thanks to Smitten Blog Design I was able to create the blog design I was imagining. As you can see Smitten Blog Design has a talented team behind them and very affordable pricing. My sister in law first designed her blog with them and after seeing the cute work they did, I was sold.

Hope you enjoy the new blog and fun posts to come!


DIY Friday: Gold Staples

I think this is such a fun and cute idea! You can do this same concept for all different colors. it gives any stapled document extra life and style!

Check it out here. Twig and Thistle is one of my favorite blogs!


~ Michele

Wedding Wednesday: Tips from a Bride

Round 2 of amazing Wedding Tips! Thank you for sharing such detailed tips from your experience:

#1 Remember that your wedding day is ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND! Do anything and everything and ONLY what you want to make your day truly special!

#2 I didn't want to take off my fabulous wedding shoes either, but by mid way through the evening, I had no choice. Buy some flats that you can change into for dancing. You won't regret it! We provided a basket of flip flops in various sizes for guests, which I wore as well, but I sometimes cringe looking at pictures of myself dancing up a storm in flip flops with my dress!!

#3 Don't forget to provide your photographer with a list of MUST GET photos (family combos, details, etc...) I didn't and I'm still kicking myself for it!

#4 I thought I could get away without having a day of coordinator (I'm a big of a control freak) but THANK GOODNESS I did (and THANK GOODNESS it was Michele with Before I Do Events). I thought I could swing down to the wedding site the day before and that morning to make sure things were set up... I didn't have a clue what would go into it. She made sure things were handled with vendors throughout the day, dealing with any questions, problems they may have had during the ceremony, reception. Imagine having to take these types of calls on your special day?! I went through the entire day without a worry because she was putting out all the fires behind the scenes. Do yourself a favor, even if you think you are Wonder Woman (like I did!), and get yourself a day of coordinator!!!


What a beautiful couple and wedding! Thank you!

~ Michele

Finishing Touches Tuesday: Molly's Baby Shower

This past weekend I threw a baby shower for my dear friend Molly! She is so special to me, so I just could not wait to spoil her on this big day! We wanted to keep the shower really intimate with her closest San Diego friends as she was being thrown a shower by her church the next day with 200 people attending! Can you imagine? :)

Molly and Bill have decided to wait to find out the sex of their lil nugget. A rare and amazing thing these days! So the theme of the shower went from a possible gender based event, to an egg hatching concept with small touches of many colors! It was so much fun to put together.

Some of my favorite elements were the ribbon wrapped mason jars with the gray striped straws, the yellow billy balls that really dressed up the napkin, a darling baby carriage filled with heads of carnations and eggs, lastly the adorable eye hatching cupcakes (thanks to the talented Sarah)!


What a fun day! I love you Molly! Cant wait to meet you lil one....

~ Michele

Vendor Love: Annette Gomez

Where do I begin with Annette!? I just love working with Annette, which makes summing her up a bit hard. Annette is so talented and has such a strong eye for not only floral design but design in general. To top that off, her personality and charisma is unlike most, making working with her a total treat!

Annette does a lot of the high end weddings in the area, but she can also work within just about any budget. So, please don't rule her out because you think you cant afford her work. Sit down and have a meeting with the lovely Annette and I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with her and the look she comes up with for your big day!

Annette is providing the floral for my Table Top at the upcoming Wedding Wise show! I can't wait to show you what we have come up with....

Just a reminder the Wedding Wise show is this Sunday, April 17th at the downtown Culy Warehouse:


To view more of Annette's work: Flowers Annette Gomez

~ Michele

DIY Friday: Gadget Travel Tote

I love this concept. Plus it is so easy to do. Whenever I travel, I bring all these pieces but just shove it in a bag. They then get tangled and ruined, which is why I am loving this idea. Try to make your own gadget travel tote. Just follow these easy steps:
  • Find a new and fun dish towel
  • Fold one short side two-thirds of the way up from bottom
  • Flip folded towel over from left to right
  • Double-fold the top down as shown to create two layers of pockets
  • Pin; stitch along sides. Create four pockets by stitching three more seams, spacing them as desired
  • For tie closures, stitch two lengths of twill tape to top and bottom edges
Read more at Gadget Travel Tote - Martha Stewart Crafts



~ Michele

Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Burke Decor

A friend of mine from high school started this incredible company. It is amazing the amount of inventory they have on hand! You can get lost for hours on this site! There are so many incredible pieces. I get inspired every time I look through the site! It is a great source to find pieces for all areas in the home, as they have everything from outdoor to furniture to decor trinkets.

Happy Shopping: Burke Decor



~ Michele

Wedding Wednesday: Tips from a Bride

Now that we are going into peak wedding season, I wanted to focus a few weeks worth of "Wedding Wednesday's" with "Tips from Past Brides"! I think these are so important to read, as they have experienced the whole process already and naturally have gained insight from the Big Day!

The lovely Cynthia has shared her very helpful feedback from her wedding day!

1. Give yourself enough time to plan! It will make the whole experience more enjoyable (and it will probably save you some money) if you don't feel forced to make quick decisions.

2. Try on all types of dresses even if you have an idea of what you want already. People told me this and I still resisted certain styles because I didn't think they'd look good on my body type. One of the dresses I was sure wouldn't look good ended up being my wedding dress and it was a dream dress that made me feel amazing on my wedding day.

3. When choosing a photographer, make sure to look at their blogs to see their most recent work. Also, meet potential photographers in person. You will be able to tell a lot about their professionalism if you meet them in person and also be able to get a feel for if you have a personal connection with them. The personal connection will make you more comfortable in front of the camera which will result in better pictures!

4. When you start to freak out about details (it happens to us all)...remember why you are doing all of this -- to celebrate marrying the love of your life. That will help put things in perspective so the small things don't feel like such a big deal.

5. Always check with a few different vendors so you can compare prices, and negotiate!

6. Don't feel bad asking your bridesmaids/friends/parents/fiance for help. They all want to be involved, and will be flattered (as long as you don't start ordering them around). :) You can't do everything all by yourself, and people won't know what you need if you don't ask. Getting help will also make you less of a bridezilla and allow you to enjoy the wedding planning process more since you'll be spending more time with people you love.

7. Hire a planner (like Michele) :) even if it is just for the day of your wedding. Although it may seem like an added expense, it will save you time and possibly money too to have a resource that can introduce you to venues/vendors etc. that are within your price range and meet your needs.

8. Take time during your engagement to be with your fiance. Make sure that some of the time you spend together is not consumed by talk about the wedding.

9. Keep your stress in check by making time for exercise and getting sleep. This will help you remain sane and also hopefully keep you from becoming a total bridezilla. Although the process can be stressful, you don't want to look back on the process and have regrets about the way that you treated others.

10. Make sure to get travel insurance if you are leaving the country for your honeymoon! It's relatively cheap and can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Things sometimes happen, and you don't want to get stuck with a ton of additional expenses especially after spending so much on your wedding.

11. Make room in your budget for a honeymoon even if you can't afford to go somewhere remote or exotic. Having that time together relaxing after your wedding will be absolute heaven after all of the stress of the wedding, and it is the perfect way to start your marriage.


Thank you so much Cynthia for the amazing tips!

~ Michele

Finishing Touches Tuesday: Learn to Arrange

As you may know a major motto of mine is: the beauty is in the details. This can be a hard thing to overlook if you don't have a eye for the details or how to lay them out. So, today I want to take you through a few simple lessons on "arranging". Arranging will help give your party a major pop as it will help you notice the pretty elements that have gone into the event.

As you can see below in the top left hand corner, there is a basic but pretty juice dispenser. Instead of just leaving the container the way you see it here and being happy with the presentation, lets take it a step farther.

Now look at the bottom picture: there is so much more going on! So let's think about adding the elements together. Combining the juice dispenser with the bottles of juice you are using to fill it, glasses laid out in sequence, a print card letting the guest know what they are drinking, and a few touches of fruit or floral! How easy is that! Literally only a few extra steps and all things that you likely have around your house.

Arranging Tips:

1. Use different heights and sizes
2. Keep you decor in a close area- cluster. Don't spread out. It will get lost and lose the effect
3. Do things in odds not even
4. When in doubt angle with the decor piece, as opposed to the placing in the center
5. When using one color don't try and match it perfectly, use different shades of the color
6. Less is more, don't over clutter



~ Michele

Vendor Love: Josh Elliott Studios

I am excited to highlight this amazing photographer! His work is stunning and his personality and work ethic is impeccable! I have so enjoyed working with Josh and it is only the beginning. He will be the photographer on an amazing upcoming 2012 wedding!!!

Josh is a LA based photographer! As most, he is willing and happy to travel just about anywhere! Check out his work and find out a bit more about who he is!



~ Michele
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