DIY Friday: Custom Baskets

I did a last minute project to the babies bookshelf. I was cruising around Micheal's and saw these cute alphabetic and numeric wood figures. It spurred on the idea. I had wanted to doll up the baskets but did not know how, so I was thrilled with the outcome.

1. I got two different color paints- green on the sides and pink on the top
2. Paint and let dry

3. Go to the produce section at the grocery store and grab a few bags ties :)

4. Then hot glue gun the tie on the back on the number or letter

5. String the ties through the cracks of the basket and then secure on the backside!

All set and ready to go! I also got a gorgeous green ribbon to go around the 2 bigger center baskets. I plan to get larger letters in her initials... (either E.W. or M.W.) and secure to the ribbon!


Wedding Wednesday: Colin Cowie's New Coming!

So, Colin Cowie is just about to launch his "highly" talked about new site. The site was exposed to over 1,425,240 viewers in three days. Weird, its almost the same kind of numbers I get on my site. I almost feel like I should reach out to him and talk about a partnership!? :)

My old boss is dear friends with Colin, and I have had the pleasure of meeting him. He really is a talented creative genius. He never stops to impress, so I am sure this new site will be a hit. They are launching October 16th. Make a note to take a peek at the anticipated site...


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Wine and Cheese Theme

I did a wedding this last weekend at the Torrey Pines Lodge. Yes, you heard me correctly I did a wedding 5 days away from my due date! :) It was all because I have the best assistant ever. Annika did such an amazing job helping out and pretty much ran the whole day. It was a perfect wedding and really such a stunning night!

I wanted to talk about one thing that they did on the table that I thought was so fun. They got the seen below Pottery Barn Vintage Cheese Boards. They then hired a calligraphy artist to write so beautifully in silver pen the names of all the wineries they have been to as a couple. Each table was a different winery. Then to match they had a wine bottle from that winery (which was a tradition for them) to pair along side the cheese board. They then got the dripping wine cork candles, which gave it such a romantic feel. I loved the play on cheese and wine. Not only did it look amazing but it was significant to them and not "cheesy" in the least! Sorry I had to! :)


Vendor Love: Studio Castillero- Maternity

Thanks to Studio Castillero, I now have pics of me being pregnant! I barely took any pictures during this whole pregnancy. I was not even going to do the shoot but I figured I would regret it. After seeing the pictures they took, I am even more confident that I made the right decision. I am so glad to have these incredible shots of Jay and I. I cant wait till she grows up and I can show her these pics of her Momma carrying her! So cool!

This should be incentive to book Studio Castillero because they don't usually do Maternity shots. They only take maternity sessions for past brides that they have worked with. It is not their specialty but they just cant resist carrying on the story of their past brides.


DIY Friday: Bow Board

So, as promised I want to show you how SIMPLE the bow board is to make!


1. Get a frame of your choice (I got this one from Target)
2. Get a piece of fabric that will cover the appropriate space
3. Wrap the fabric around the "glass" of the frame and hot glue on the back side. Make sure to fold it flat so you don't create bulk in the back
4. Cut out long strips of ribbon
5. Place them where you want and fold behind the back of the fabric
6. Hot glue the fabric strips to the back
7. Place the board in the body of the frame
8. Hang and Enjoy!


Thouroughly Inspired Thursday: Painted Glass

I just know this will find it’s way into so many of your weddings. It was crafted by Kathleen at Twig & Thistle and is about as practical as it is completely gorgeous. A perfect fit for any wedding…or any holiday table! Best part, once the wedding or event is over, you have a ton of beautiful vases to give to your guests or keep for your home!

Materials Needed:

Empty bottles and vases is varying shapes and sizes.
Spray Paint in desired colors (They used a flat black but it can be any gloss or color)


1. Clean and dry bottles and vases thoroughly.
2. In a well ventilated area, spray paint items with several light coats of paint to cover entire piece. Allow each coat to dry completely before spraying the next.
3. Arrange vases and bottles and fill with flowers.


Finishing Touches Tuesday: Baby Woodcock's New Pad

I am so excited to share with you the almost complete baby's room. It is still a work in progress which is the fun part but I feel like if I don't blog about it now, I might miss my chance. This little one could come any day and I am sure I will be taking a small blogging break after her arrival.

We both love the room and often just go and sit in it, as it's so peaceful and exciting to imagine it with a little girl in there. My mother in law is the talented hand behind all the bedding. She hand made ALL the bedding. What an amazing gift! We spent days looking for the perfect fabric and then I am sure she spent more then days sowing it all together! :) I simply love how it came out.

I also love the "women in her life wall". It came out great and is so fun to see everyone as a lil one themselves.

For all the soon to be Mom's out there- it does not have to cost a fortune to do up a room. I really tried to do this on a budget. The crib was a hand me down from Jay's sister, the changing table was a Pottery Barn table that I got on Craigslist, the rocker was also a Craigslist buy (is a top notch brand from a local boutique store) and the bookshelf was one we already had, I just repainted it.

Take a peek. I hope she likes it....
(Please ignore my terrible pics, I just could not capture it the way it looks in real life)

The dark gray linen curtains with the pink and white stripe fabric bow, the alphabetic and numeric bumper pad, the light gray linen crib skirt, the silver and white "fancy" blanket. It is all so perfect and just what I had envisioned.

The leaves and branches decal I bought on Etsy! It took hours to do but is so worth it. I also LOVE the mobile Jay bought her. It is so simple and sweet. My whole life my Mum called me her "little lamb" so it is pretty perfect that these are little lambs. The bow board was a DIY and was so easy and simple. I will blog about it on Friday.

I got these baskets from Home Goods. I was thrilled when I saw them because they fit the silver/gray theme so well. The women in her life wall, is a mix match of silver frames and pink ribbons.

Vendor Love: Coast Catering

If you are looking to "WOW" your guests with amazing wedding food then Coast is a great way to go. I have been so impressed with the customer service, quality of the food and artist presentation. Barry, the head chef personally puts so much effort into each and every client. If you go to a tasting at Coast you will walk away feeling like a famous person and well, really full!

Take a peek at their work and menu's here.


Wedding Wednesday: Will you be my Bridesmaid?

One of my brides recently asked all of her closest gals to be bridesmaids with this sweet card. It is so simple but yet such a sweet statement. It shows effort and is sure to make every girl feel special.

You can find them on Etsy!

There is not just this one style, so take a look at the other vendors as well. My wedding advice for today is take the time to ask your gals in a sweet and creative way!


Wedding Wednesday: Conni and Clint are Married!

What a fun wedding this was to work on! Conni and Clint got married at The New Children's Museum which is by far one of the coolest wedding venues in San Diego. We had so much fun coming up with the look and feel, not only because the venue gave us so many fun areas to play with but also because the colors were orange, blue and green! Conni is a teacher and is very involved in the lives of young children, so she wanted to incorporate that into her day.

You will see her childish love for all things fun, in the antique books on the tables, the "roll call" escort table, rooms for painting a piece of art for the couple, rain rooms and farm house rooms, and a polaroid photo area. Oh, and how could I forget the giant whale in the cocktail hour that was painted orange, guests were then allowed to paint it whatever design they pleased.

Every corner you turned there was something eye catching and unique. The guest were beaming with the excitement from the day and the vibe was alive. The music was incredible thanks to Nate Donnis, the food was delicious thanks to Giuseppe Catering and the Florals were smiling to us all thanks to Black Lotus Design. A special thanks to Anjuli Photography for the stunning pictures, the day was recapped perfectly.

Congrats Conni and Clint, I am so happy for you both. It was such a pleasure to work with you on your big day.
Venue: New Children's Musuem
Wedding Planner: Before I Do Events
Photographer: Anjuli Photography
Florist: Black Lotus Design
DJ: Sound Express
Live Music: Nate Donnis
Catering: Giuseppe
Rentals: Raphaels
Sweets: Urban Confections

Thouroughly Inspired Thursday: Jojoba Oil

You all heard about the fabulous "Favorite Things Party" that I blogged about. Well, I went to it over the weekend and walked away with something that is now my "Favorite Thing". I guess you could say the party was a success. Someone gave a bottle of Jojoba Oil. I thought it was neat but since using it everyday it has now gone from neat to amazing! I love this stuff. The gal who gave it away told us to put it on our body right after the shower when you are still damp and warm. The body absorbs the oil much better when your pores are open from the heat and moisture. It feels weird because you think you will wipe it all off with the towel but you don't.

Since using it I have noticed the biggest difference in my skin. SO much softer and healthier. I have really dry heels and in days they have gone to baby soft.

I had a appointment with my homeopathic doctor this week to talk about care for the baby to be. I told her I was using the oil ( I have to run it by her in case its a no no product :)) and she said it is a great oil. She even recommends washing the baby with this oil because it can be used in place of a soap. Who would have known. So my Johnson and Johnson shampoo and soap is being returned and replaced with Jojoba. You can get the oil at any Heath Food Store - ie. Jimbos, Traders Joes etc.. Just make sure the oil is 100% pure.

Read below some of the other amazing uses:

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