Why Is Texas Always Bigger and Better!?

We are suckers for anything and everything country! Not only are the men sexy, the music is good, and the food is delicious...but their parties are so much fun! Don't ya'll agree?

When Alexis and Mark approached us about throwing their going away party as they were moving to Texas, we jumped on the project and urged for a "Country Theme". They were excited and gave us general guidelines, then let us run with it. This event was such a fun project to work on.

Their backyard was out of a dream and their flexibility to trust our vision was freeing and just down right fun! We brought in cognac, blue, brown and orange color scheme. Rented vintage leather and country-inspired furniture really helped bring the whole look together. For food and drink we wanted to tie in San Diego and Texas, representing everything they have and will be. So we set up West-Eats-Meat "Ode to a Texas BBQ" and Fish-Meets-Field "California Farm to Table" stations...not to mention specialty cocktails!

For entertainment, guests never had a dull moment. Between the drinks :), a photo booth, live music, a ridiculous DJ, lounge areas and YES, a mechanical bull, people were in heaven! The party was a hit.  They did not disappoint any Texan out there, as they celebrated in style!

 photo TEXAS1-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zpsbbefa5e1.jpg photo TEXAS-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMarW_zpse585a4bd.jpg photo TEXAS5-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zpsd5fd0c03.jpg photo TEXAS2-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zps5fc3451a.jpg photo TEXAS3-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zpsb6210491.jpg photo TEXAS4-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zpsa11742a0.jpg photo TEXAS6-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zps116039c0.jpg photo TEXAS7-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zps76581cdd.jpg photo TEXAS8-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerinDelMar_zpsf082d988.jpg

Styling and Coordination: Before I Do Events
Catering and Bar: TK&A
Floral: Sweet Marie Designs
Lighting: Classic Party Rentals
Furniture Rentals: Archive Vintage Rentals
Music: Cody Carter
Print Work: Stauros Creative
Mechanical Bull: Mad Bull
Photo Booth: La Jolla Photo Booth
Photography: Chris Nelson Photography

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