A perfect way to SLOW DOWN time on your big day!

It’s official: we are completely and totally obsessed with slow motion video booths!
​They went viral a while back but are now the new trend for weddings and events and we can say from experience ​- THEY ARE AWESOME​!

We know everyone loves taking home the ​photo strips as souvenirs but ​these slow mo ​video booths add a whole new dynamic element of humor and allow guests to get way more creative. ​It is such​ a cool way to capture everyone's personality... and the fun and frivolity! ​

Us girls at Before I Do Events first came across this trend in April at a party hosted by Tap Productions and we would be lying if we said we didn’t spend a majority of our night behind that camera.​ :) It was just TOO MUCH FUN (facial expressions you never knew you had tend to come out)!​ Check out our video below to see what this new craze is ​all ​about!

Enjoy! :)

TAP Annual Party 2014 Slow Motion Video from Tim Altbaum on Vimeo.

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