Wedding Wednesday: Courtney and Jake at Estancia La Jolla

Ummm... have you ever seen a more beautiful couple!? The pictures of the two of them totally take our breath away. We had the pleasure of meeting Courtney a year before her wedding and quickly fell in love with her sweet spirit. We planned an April wedding and most of the time here in San Diego rain is NOT an issue but on this particular day they have the "lucky sign" of rain. As all current and past brides know this can cause a ton of worry and stress as plans have to change.  We could not have been more impressed with Courtney and Jake's attitude through the whole thing. She was so mature and just took the changes in stride. 

The wedding was at Estancia La Jolla and becuase of the rain the ceremony was held inside. In my opinion it turned out even better then we had originally planned. Annette worked her magic and totally transformed the room with candle light, adding a romantic glow and feeling to the whole room. It was so unique and personal!

From there guests were wined and dined at the cocktail hour with the best of appetizers and wine. Following that hour people were "wowed" when they walked into the reception space. It was stunning.  We had a taupe and white checkered dance floor, a mix of long and round tables, high and low arrangements, personalized/embroidered hemstitch napkins, stunning floral and a band set up that was stunning! The night was a total hit and the 300 + crowd was dancing all night long.

 photo courtneyjake-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlannerin_zpsbfcdb7ab.jpg photo courtneyjake3-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanneri_zps2b61c24a.jpg photo courtneyjake2-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanneri_zpsce8be16d.jpg photo courtneyjake4-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanneri_zpsdd93f17c.jpg photo courtneyjake5-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanneri_zpsfccef40d.jpg photo courtneyjake7-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanneri_zpsa934c9f3.jpg photo courtneyjake6-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanneri_zps1b99ca1c.jpg photo courtneyjake9-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanneri_zps00713cfe.jpg photo courtneyjake8-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanneri_zpse213663e.jpg photo courtneyjake10-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanner_zps03b7de3d.jpg photo courtneyjake11-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanner_zps772b063b.jpg photo courtneyjake12-MicheleWoodcockisaweddingplannerinSanDiegofocusingonhighendeventsWeddingplanninginRanchoSantaFeWeddingPlanner_zpsf06c45a1.jpg

Also check out their stunning video from Enjet: Jake & Courtney from Enjet Media on Vimeo.


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