Tammi's Tips & Trends: Recycle Your Wedding Dress

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First up -- Recycle Your Wedding Dress.

Have you ever felt bad that your gorgeous wedding dress is just sitting in your closet? Would you feel weird putting it on again to prance around for a bit? Or are you a bridesmaid that has eight expensive bridesmaid's dresses in your closet that you really  won't wear again?

If you are not a bride who is saving their wedding dress in hopes their future daughter will wear it someday -- then Old New Borrowed Redo™ (ONBR) is a San Diego based company that has some fabulous ideas to turn your dresses into something you'll cherish (and use!) for years to come. They repurpose “one-time wear” dresses into custom keepsakes such as pillows, baby blankets, throw blankets, sachet bags and picture frames by adding additional fabric, embroidery, ruffle, piping and bows.

Prices start around $65 (for smaller items like a Ring Bearer pillow) and go up from there -- these ladies are talented, willing to work within a budget, and can customize just about anything! Check out their adorable site!


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Dexter Louis said...

These tips are working. You can also save these wedding dresses for the upcoming times or also give to your relatives. It’ll much better.
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