A Must Hire: Hire Elegance Event Rentals

If you don't know about Hire Elegance yet- find out about the company now! They are totally blowing up. They are new to the industry but the team behind them is NOT new to the world of custom high end rentals. Stewart and his partner had a similar concept and company in London and recently decided to bring their expertise here to San Diego. They do everything from large corporate parites to giant trade shows all the down to wedding, parties and showers.

Hire Elegance's line of inventory is breath taking and so expansive. They have everything you can dream of and more.  If that is not enough, they can and will make whatever you please!  In order to rent out their items you have to do it through a consultant as they do not rent direct, so hopefully you have an event planner to help you out! :) If not you know where to find one!

Here is a sneak peek of just SOME of their inventory...


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