Wedding Traditions: The Rice, The Kiss and the Unity Candle

The Rice:
Did you know rice is the symbol of fruitfulness and prosperity? Tossing rice after the ceremony was believed to grant fertility upon the bride and groom. Today we see rice being replaced with bubbles, lavender, confetti, and alternatives sparklers, which make for a great photo as you exit your special day!

The Processional – The Kiss – Unity Candle:

Do you ever get confused on which side the man or woman should stand?  Tradition has it that the men offer their left arm. This tradition originates from the medieval times were the groom needed to keep his right hand free in order to grab his word if they were ever caught in danger of their honor was disgraced.

What about the romantic first kiss as husband and wife? In the earliest days of civilization a kiss was legally binding and used as the formal seal to agreements and contracts. It’s believed that a wedding kiss between the ride and groom at the end of a wedding ceremony symbolizes the swapping of spirits and exchanging parts of their souls.

Another special moment between husband and wife is a unity candle which is symbolic of two elements becoming one as the souls of the bride and groom do so as well. Many couples decide to use sand rather than a candle in order to physically see two parts intertwine and become one.


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