All the Senses!

I smell good! I walked out of the gift shop in Vegas with about 5 different Lollia scents on my arm! Everyone was just so delicious I could not decide! I have to say my personal fav was "Classic Petal". What first caught my eye was the gorgeous packaging (yes I am a total sucker for good packaging) and I was then hoping and praying it smelled as good as it looked, so I officially had an excuse to buy it! It does!!!!!!!!


Here is my next DIY project! That way I can make a place for all my perfume! And maybe add a few "Lollia" items to the mix!


Check out Lollia's whole line:

~ Michele

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sea | pea | tea said...

These bottles and packaging are gorgeous!! No wonder you got suckered in. Would make AMAZING gifts!

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