In LOVE with "LOVE"

Love. There is no better word. You can not read it, say it or observe it without smiling. As my first "blog post" I thought there was no better thing to cover. It is the reason I do what I do and am who I am. I am so inspired by love, in awe of the joy it brings and love who it makes us become. So, I have picked out a selection of photos that make me smile! They really grasp the raw moment that love invites.


Thank you to all my brides for letting me do what I love! I am so lucky to be a part of the love story you are creating!

Cheers for now! .... go find your love!

~ Michele


Girl said...

Fantastic! Can't wait to see all of your future blogs! And PS... love those pictures. Especially the military ones :)

Diandra Ann said...

Oops... thought I posted that from my photography account. :) sorry!

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