DIY Friday: Fabric

I have been on the hunt for "the perfect fabric" for the baby room. Finding all the patterns and colors that work together is a often a very hard task! I am so blessed to have a mother in law who is a super talented sower and has offered to make all the baby bedding! So we spent the whole day together looking for the last fabric piece that would go with the look we had pulled together.We were getting nowhere and often found ourselves feeling a bit frustrated.

I wanted to stop by Ikea because they have great curtains that you can add piping too etc. Little did we know the LAST stop of the day and the least likely for any major scores turned out to be the winner. Ikea has a whole wall of fabric by the yard! I had no idea they carried anything like that. Not only did they have fabric, the prices are SO cheap and they had the exact color we were looking for.

Our long day of fabric shopping turned out to be a complete success, thanks to Ikea... and my mother in law (she was so patient with me :))


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