Wedding Wednesday: HammerSky Vineyard

I am officially in love! I have recently found this Paso Robles Vineyard and just cannot stop starting at the pictures on the site. I have never said this about any other venue, but if I could re-plan my wedding I would have it here! I think everything about this venue is so romantic and stunningly beautiful. I love the old farmhouse with the giant porch and porch swings. It is straight out of the Notebook, which is a major favorite of mine. The rolling hills with the vineyards in the background and the giant trees that are dripping down with character and romance. Ahhhh simply amazing!

If you are looking for a destination wedding, this might be your winner. This can also be a vacation spot, making it the dream get-a-way. Maybe this can be our baby-moon? You all will need me to write a few reviews, right? I can't do that by simply looking at the site, I have to touch, taste and feel! You can see more pictures on the HammerSky site.


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