Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Baby Woodcock is a ?

I have been fairly private with the news of our first pregnancy... But we have past the scary point and now can share the wonderful news with all of you! Jay and I had talked about whether we wanted to find out the sex or not and if so, how we wanted to find out the special news. The conversation lasted for well... a minute before we both said 100% we are finding out. We both could not wait another 5 months to know what this little baby was. Plus how I am supposed to design the baby room :)

I have to give all the credit to my very creative husband because this was all his idea. So, my birthday is May 3rd and every year we throw a Bday/Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. It has been a tradition for the last 6 years. The timing worked out just perfect, as we were due for the sex reveal ultrasound on April 29th. So we went to the ultra sound with my father and mother (who had never been to one with any of the 3 kids they had) and got to see and say hello to our newest member. The tech was so great at not revealing the sex or even having a close call. We walked out of the appointment with a sealed envelope, which inside carried the big news and a whole lot of anticipation.

We immediately went to Party City (we did not trust ourselves) and picked out a pinata and 2 bunches on candy. One bunch all blue and other all pink. We then asked her to go to the back and fill up the pinata with the color candy that matched the sex written inside the envelope. I think we helped make the Party City employee's typically normal day a bit more interesting.

So then the party planning began... We had our closest friends and family come over for a very celebratory fiesta! We had everyone make their guesses: Clip on earrings were worn if they thought baby Woodcock was a Senorita and mustaches if a Senor.

There was was Birthday Cake, Margaritas and a Baby Sex Reveal to come... Before we knew it the time was here. My nephews and niece all took swings at the pinata with little Autumn being the one to bring in the good news! All of a sudden PINK candy came pouring out! We are having a girl! Jay was on "team mustache" and I was on "team clip on's", so I guess you can say mother knows best. Even though my gut was telling me this was a little girl, I still cant describe the shock and amazing joy that came upon me. Second to my wedding day, it was one of the biggest highlights in my life so far. It just felt so real to know what this little baby was inside me.

We are both are so thrilled with the news and feel so blessed to have the chance to be parents for the first time. Thank you to all our friends and family who helped make the day that much more special for us!


Here is the video. I need to learn to edit :) That is my next project.


Kelsey Courneya said...

SOOOO excited for you and the hubby!! that baby is going have some INCREDIBLE parties planned for her :) xoxo


Rach said...

I love this!!! Congrats my friend...can't wait to meet her!! xoxo

sea | pea | tea said...

You are quite the party planning extraordinaire!!! Wish I could have been there. Everything looked AMAZING and so fun... as always.

Can't wait to meet you baby girl Woodcock!!!!

shewanders said...

I am a little bit in love with you. Seriously, this is the cutest blog post I think i've ever read. Thanks so much for sharing and congrats!

Jennifer Rea said...

This is such a cute idea! I have never seen anything quite like it with the photobooth and the sign.s Absolutely adorable!

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