Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: "Elope"

I know secretly we all want to do it but when it comes down to it most of us just don't elope. Well, Maelani and Sheamus proved to us all, that is is possible! They eloped to San Diego, which was not as fast and spontaneous as the Aussie local would have liked, as he had to endure the 25 hour flight.

A week prior, Meg her loving sister and talented graphic design artist and myself had been given the exciting news, which sparked the planning to begin! Together we helped bring them a really special night.

The small and intimate ceremony looked so special. There is something so amazing about having it be just about the two of you on the cliffs of La Jolla with the 8 most important people in your life.

Following the ceremony the group strolled up the hill to a ocean front villa that hosted the dinner portion of the night. The couple are both in the horse racing community so we found it appropriate to tie the napkins with a horse shoe and a small note written to each guest.

From what Maelani and Shaemus knew, the celebration was over after dinner. But we had more tricks up our sleeve. As they headed back to the rented villa at the Grand Del Mar they were surprised with a champagne toast with a dessert spread! Not to mention a few more special people in their lives were there for the toast and to close out a perfectly great day!

Thank you to the talented, Annette Gomez who created the florals.


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