DIY Friday: Christmas Gold Glam Spread

I hosted my first Christmas this year. Not 1 but 2. I had my husband's family over for Christmas Eve and my family for Christmas. In the crazy and amazing mayhem that occured I forgot to take pics of the finished product. But here are a few pics I snapped on my phone during the process....

I wanted to use things I had around the house and just spruce them up with glitter, glam and gold! It was so easy and affordable!

Candles- double sided tape and glitter
Wood sticks- I pulled from around the garden and spray painted in gold
Glasses- spray adhesive and glitter
Popcorn- I tried it the edible way and the glitter did not show up as well. So I just used spray adhesive gold flakes and clear sprinkles. Who needs to eat any more then we already did!
Napkins (not pictured :( - rolled white napkin tied with jute twine which was dipped in gold and giltter in the center and then added in was a piece of greenery and a cinnamon stick.

It came out great and was SO easy!


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