Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: A new member on the Before I Do Team!

It is my pleasure to announce I have finally brought on a partner at Before I Do Events!! For the last 6 months we have been diving full fledge into events and loving every second. Tammi Pederson is a dear friend, and a killer addition to our team! We've been friends since our SDSU college days, and we're former colleagues from a company where we both focused on sales and business development for a small, growing company. Although her business-oriented mindset is key, it is her true passion for events that sealed-the-deal. We have known for a while that we would complement each other extremely well in the events world and I am thrilled she has come aboard to take Before I Do to the next level!

Tammi has "dabbled" in everything from sales, to online marketing, corporate events, international operations, software, and strategy planning... all of which, I know will benefit our biz in a big way! Her organization and knowledge have already impacted lead generation, our "social media" presence on sites like Yelp, LinkedIn and Facebook, and we're updating our website as we speak!

This is such an exciting time for me -- the hard work I've put into this business is paying off and my "other baby" is growing up! Bringing Tammi on will not only help grow BID, but it will allow me to focus on the aspects that I LOVE most about events... design & decor. I'll be enjoying work that I love, and have a trusted friend to lean on when it comes to our business. Most importantly, I'll have all this, plus quality time to spend with our growing family. :)

We are both so very excited to work you with in the near future! Cheers to an amazing year of growth in 2012, and a Happy, Healthy and Fun 2013!

We have also brought on a full time assistant, Alicia Strom. The post will be coming shortly...

All the Best,

Photo Credit- Stone Crandall Photography

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