Finishing Touches Tuesday: A little girl's gift

Today I was reminded of the crazy amount of joy, excitement and energy Christmas brings.  To be a kid again and to relive Christmas as an adult is high on my list.  So instead I decided the closest way to achieve that was to make a little kid SO happy with a thoughtful gift.  I spent the morning making up fun gifts for my sweet and beautiful nieces.

All 3 of them are at the age where clothes, jewerly, purses and anything girly is the best thing ever.  I went to my local Michael's and got a jewerly organizing kit and filled it with all the tools for them to make their own jewerly. I know they are going to go wild over it. It will pair just perfect with the adorable outfits I got them!

I think "seeing" and opening the gift is almost as fun as the actual gift so I spent a bit more time and made the present sparkly and very enticing! Don't you just want to open it.... :)


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