DIY Friday: Flower Pot

What a fun concept this is! Head on over to Home Depot and pick out your favorite flower pot, then stop by a craft store and pick up a sheet of moss and then follow the simple directions below :). It is so easy and makes for a cheap and effective statement on your table. I love the garden look it brings. You can dress this up or down, depending on the rest of your decor.

1. Buy a moss sheet and flower pots
2. Lay flower pots in the center of the moss sheet
3. Tri fold the corners in and use your hot glue gun to affix
(note: make sure the moss covers high enough so that you can't see the plastic flower pot tubs)

In the below picture it is shown in a causal way, something more for a brunch or afternoon tea party. With different flowers I think you can bring the same look into a night time event and really make a pop with the arrangement. So fun!


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