Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Timi and Leslie Diaper Bags

As you know there is a new focus in my life, so my brain sometimes steers from wedding decor and fashion to babies! I recently found this fun line of diaper bags. I have been searching for the perfect one. Timi and Leslie's "Charlie" collection are possible front runners. I saw these in a local baby boutique the other day and was loving the easy of the strap, space inside and feel of the material. I am thinking the cream or silver would be a fun, yet neutral for the summer season.

Other options I am loving:
  • Rosie Pope from Pregnant in Heels "London Shopper Classic"!
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs "Pretty Eliz-a-Baby"
  • You can also go the route of buying a everyday purse and turn it into a diaper bag, that way you can use it after the baby. I have heard you can buy waterproof inserts to put into purses of all shapes and sizes. I must look into that because it might make my "on sale" bag possible :) Gucci Craft

Feel free to share your input! :)

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Sean and Brianne said...

I have the Marc Jacobs Eliza baby bag and LOVE IT!!!

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