DIY Friday: Chunky Bracelets

I was recently inspired by these DIY bracelets. They are so easy to make, look amazing and are cheap! This would make for a fabulous gift. I would love one :) When I can find the time, I am definitely going to make a few of my own.

Here is the original blog highlighting the bracelet: Honestly WTF. A friend a fellow portrait photographer: Lindsey Carlyle Photography took her own stab at a design. I am loving what she came up with. I think she winged it because the only direction she gave was to tie square knots around the hex bolts. If you are a person needing a bit more direction then check out Honestly WTF, they give you step by step directions.


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sea | pea | tea said...

Ooooohh, make me one! It's my birthday :)

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