Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Mom and Dad Go Skydiving

I could not resist to share the recent "check" off the bucket list. My adorable parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, which was not only a huge moment to celebrate but such an exciting day for our family. It was the day that we presented them with a gift certificate to go Sky Diving. My Mom has wanted to Sky Dive for years and well, my Dad was dragged into having the same feeling. That is what marriage is all about right :)

Dad was a little hesitant but was such a good sport as he took the challenge head on and never looked back. After covering 13,000 feet at 120 miles per hour they had achieved what seemed impossible! I am so proud of them for gathering the courage and together accomplishing a milestone in their life. Their relationship is so sweet, pure and inspiring. I look up to them in all that I do.

Congrats Mom and Dad!


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