Finishing Touches Tuesday: Welcome Baskets

I love welcome baskets! They make such a statement and really leave your guest feeling special and appreciated. There are endless options and creative ways to turn your welcome basket into a custom loving gift from the two of you. I just got back from my Montana wedding and realized even more how great it is to incorporate that element into your day.

One tip that I will leave with you: Make sure to include items that the guest will actually use. Don't put items in there to just look pretty. The reason being is they will go un used and will be a waste. You can still make the necessary items look so sweet. For example, what about giving your guests a packet of Advil, to maybe help with the next day party headache. Instead of using a generic Advil packet, put it in a cute box with a ribbon and note with a catchy phrase like, "Just in Case".

Have fun creating your welcome baskets, as you get inspired by the great ones below.


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lindy bowman said...

This is a great gift for many who have come from afar for a wedding or any event.
I felt so privileged to receive one of these at a wedding we attended.
We did them for our daughter's wedding with major help from Michele Woodcock, wedding event planner par excellance! (Before I do). Just remember - someone has to be assigned to deliver to hotels or wherever your out of Town guests are staying! Friends need to chip in on delivering and you need to know where everyone is staying as early as possible! Godspeed!!!

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