Finishing Touches Tuesday: Buy your own Linens

I have recently discovered this site called Initially I was not loving it, because well, I really judged the book by it's cover but as I dug deeper I found the real gems. On a side note, they really do need to hire someone to spruce up there site. :) Regardless they have a great product.

It is expensive to rent custom linens and sometimes it works out much better (and cheaper) to buy your own linen or runner. In some cases you save and then you have something to show for it after. Granted the custom linens that people like WildFlower and La Tavola put out are simply stunning but in some lucky cases a site like this might just be the trick.

You can order sample swatches to see if the color and print is what you are hoping for. Their pricing is so great and so far the quality I have seen is up to par.


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