Wedding Wednesday: A Montana Affair

Hi Cowgirls! If you have any bit of country loving in your bones, then you will love the feel and vibe of this wedding. Last week I had the pleasure of flying to Montana to help out a friend for her big day! We had collaborated a few times before to go over some fun things to add into the look, but from there Lea ran with it! I am so impressed with how she brought her big day together. It screamed Lea and Clint and so perfectly represented there union.

My sweet husband finally had a glimpse into a day and a life of a wedding planner, as together we ran around bringing all the pieces of the day together. I think he has a whole new appreciation of what I do. He was actually such a good helper that I offered him a full time position with Before I Do Events but he graciously declined. :)

The night was filled with twists and turns, which was so much fun as the guests were always on their toes. We had an amazing outdoor ceremony with a mix of benches and chairs- love that! Followed by a cocktail hour with a 25 piece band, full bars with some Montana specials, couches with fire pits close by, old fashioned bars and metal chairs made out of horse shoes. To wrap that up, we went into a full fledge Montana style BBQ with pork and beef ribs, Alaskan baked salmon and all the toppings.

Oh, and not to mention we had a brief 30 minute "out of the movies" thunder, lightening and rain storm in the middle of the cocktail hour. Luckily, Lea and Clint are as laid back as it gets because they just looked up at the sky, laughed and carried on with the party! After recovering from my mild heart attack, I too put the showers behind me and partied on!

I will highlight this wedding again with the "real" professional pics, as mine just do not do it justice.

Enjoy! Thank you Montana for being SO beautiful!


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Jen said...

This was the most beautiful and amazing event. I am so blessed to have Lea as my new sister-in -law. She and my brother make such an amazing team. They put so much love and thought into making this a special time for all of us. She is the coolest bride I have ever met. She always has a positive glow around her. The whole experience was pure joy.

Love you Lea,

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