Wedding Wednesday: Flowers on a Budget

If you are on a budget or simply prefer to spend your money on others areas then floral, here are some great tips.

1. In the months or years prior, keep your eye out for unique pieces that you can reuse around the house and keep forever. Candle sticks, vases, bowls, lanterns etc... Your can find such things at thrift stores, flea markets or even your mom's or grandmother's house!

2. Look for a florist that has a LARGE inventory of glassware. You can get creative with incorporating unique glassware and then small amounts of floral. You are then only paying the rental fee of the glassware and minimal floral charge

3. Look to incorporate other natural elements into your look. They cost less then flowers, last longer (sometimes forever) and still give a full look. Ie. grass runner, birch woods branches, moss, wood planks, hay etc...

4. Candles are not the only option to put along side your floral arrangements. You can find amazing pieces to add. Once you have determined your look and style, see what goes and add from there. Ie. silver or gold balls, fabric squares, berries or acorns, broken sea glass etc...


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