DIY Friday: The Women in My Life

When I saw this picture it brought the biggest smile to my face. I am starting to get SO excited for our little girl to come into this world. The chances of her being a toe head are strong so when I saw this sweet picture it melted my heart.

It also gave me a fun idea. This weekend's project is to "start" on the baby room. I thought it would be fun to have a spot of the wall be a collage of black and white candid pics (so not smiling into the camera) of all the women in my life, which in turn will be the women in her life. I think it will be fun to point to the old memories and have her know how they are. It will also bring a richness of the past into her "new" little life and room!

So, to my dear sisters and mothers and grandmothers: Mom, Norine, Ann, Eleanor, Julie, Nina, Amanda please look through the pics books and pick out your favorite picture of you as a little girl!

After the 400+ person Navy Seal Graduation party that I am doing today :) I am off to make my DIY collage of women!


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