Finishing Touches Tuesday: Wine and Cheese Theme

I did a wedding this last weekend at the Torrey Pines Lodge. Yes, you heard me correctly I did a wedding 5 days away from my due date! :) It was all because I have the best assistant ever. Annika did such an amazing job helping out and pretty much ran the whole day. It was a perfect wedding and really such a stunning night!

I wanted to talk about one thing that they did on the table that I thought was so fun. They got the seen below Pottery Barn Vintage Cheese Boards. They then hired a calligraphy artist to write so beautifully in silver pen the names of all the wineries they have been to as a couple. Each table was a different winery. Then to match they had a wine bottle from that winery (which was a tradition for them) to pair along side the cheese board. They then got the dripping wine cork candles, which gave it such a romantic feel. I loved the play on cheese and wine. Not only did it look amazing but it was significant to them and not "cheesy" in the least! Sorry I had to! :)


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