DIY Friday: Custom Baskets

I did a last minute project to the babies bookshelf. I was cruising around Micheal's and saw these cute alphabetic and numeric wood figures. It spurred on the idea. I had wanted to doll up the baskets but did not know how, so I was thrilled with the outcome.

1. I got two different color paints- green on the sides and pink on the top
2. Paint and let dry

3. Go to the produce section at the grocery store and grab a few bags ties :)

4. Then hot glue gun the tie on the back on the number or letter

5. String the ties through the cracks of the basket and then secure on the backside!

All set and ready to go! I also got a gorgeous green ribbon to go around the 2 bigger center baskets. I plan to get larger letters in her initials... (either E.W. or M.W.) and secure to the ribbon!


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