Thouroughly Inspired Thursday: Jojoba Oil

You all heard about the fabulous "Favorite Things Party" that I blogged about. Well, I went to it over the weekend and walked away with something that is now my "Favorite Thing". I guess you could say the party was a success. Someone gave a bottle of Jojoba Oil. I thought it was neat but since using it everyday it has now gone from neat to amazing! I love this stuff. The gal who gave it away told us to put it on our body right after the shower when you are still damp and warm. The body absorbs the oil much better when your pores are open from the heat and moisture. It feels weird because you think you will wipe it all off with the towel but you don't.

Since using it I have noticed the biggest difference in my skin. SO much softer and healthier. I have really dry heels and in days they have gone to baby soft.

I had a appointment with my homeopathic doctor this week to talk about care for the baby to be. I told her I was using the oil ( I have to run it by her in case its a no no product :)) and she said it is a great oil. She even recommends washing the baby with this oil because it can be used in place of a soap. Who would have known. So my Johnson and Johnson shampoo and soap is being returned and replaced with Jojoba. You can get the oil at any Heath Food Store - ie. Jimbos, Traders Joes etc.. Just make sure the oil is 100% pure.

Read below some of the other amazing uses:



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