Lauren and Cory's Wedding

Can we say model couple!? We would not be too far off, because both Lauren and Cory have done extensive modeling in their past. They have even had many gigs modeling together as a couple. They are probably going to kill me for bragging about them! :) The best part is both are so stunning inside too. I just loved working with Lauren and Cory! Their story is also one to note:

In short....

Mountain loving, big kid for a Dad and gorgeous Mom go on a hella-skiing trip in Canada. Big kid for a Dad, becomes best buds with the Guide and demands he flies to visit them in San Diego. Guide comes to San Diego to play with the big kid for a Dad's toys: dirt bikes, motorcycles etc... Guide happens to be super hunky and the big kid for a Dad's daughter happens to be a knock out. Darn- the daughter has a boyfriend and the Guide has a girlfriend.

Well.... you just can't stop love! The rest was history!

Lauren and Cory got married at the rustic and beautiful Torrey Pines Lodge! The wedding was full of so many laughs, the best Father of the Bride speech I have ever heard and an amazing band! Thank you Atomic Groove for giving everyone such a great night. Take a peek at all the beauty...


It was such a great night! I loved being a part of it! Congrats Lauren and Cory!

~ Michele

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