Oh my Pat's Corner! How I Love You!

I wish I could claim that I was the one to find this store but I cant! I was complaining one day about how I wanted to start getting a few new furniture pieces but that we could just not afford it. I am so glad I decided to share my dramatic struggle :) because if not, I would have never found out about the gem. The store is called Pat's Corner.

I have to first warn you! This is not a store for the weak of heart! It will shock you in the beginning. It basically is a giant yunk yard of wood pieces and old furniture. BUT if you can get past the initial shock, get creative, see the potential in these old pieces you have just found yourself a gem! Not to mention the women that work there are sooo sweet and talented! They are the reason the pieces come out the way they do.

Here is a breakdown of the pieces I got and the prices!!!

Vintage Shabby Food Cabinet - $45
This was a bright peach empty dresser! I told them the color I wanted it, that I wanted legs (my husband is too tall to bend down as low as it was), shelves and small handles so we can open it. I left that day a bit nervous because all I saw we a horribly ugly peach dresser. I came back 2 weeks later and found this! It is now one of my favorite pieces!!! All for $45 dollars!
Old Samsonite Suitcase- $5
It is on top of the food cabinet
White Shabby Kitchen Table and Chairs- $80
This was a horrible wood color table. I almost could not see past the wood. But then I thought, we are in a rental and only have a small place for a table, so instead of buying a table that clearly would not work in a potential next house why not take the chance and just have something cheaper in the meantime. Again I was so impressed and happy with the result. I told them the color and look and feel I wanted and it was dead on!!
Black Distressed Dresser - $30
This was a dresser I owned for my college days. It was a ugly light color "fake" wood Ikea dresser. I was about to chuck it because I thought they would not be able to paint or stain over fake wood. Well turns out they can! They just stand it down and paint way. I went with the black distressed look and love it! I have people asking me all the time if it is a Pottery Barn piece!


Pat's Corner. Is located:

3409 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104-4117
(619) 299-1434

P.S. I had a few people ask where I got my vintage frames ( a few posts back) I got them here! They were $10 dollars each!

~ Michele

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