Fabric Frame DIY Project

My DIY frame project evolved in stages. I first found these incredible frames at a vintage shop. I then stared at them for a few days wondering what I would do with a empty glassless frame. FABRIC! Fabric is perfect... because finding art is hard and can take time, so why not make some art out of fabric.

It is easy:

1. Find a frame you love
2. Buy the fabric of your choice
3. Get a blank canvas (Michaels)
4. Wrap the fabric tight around the canvas board
5. Use a staple gun (easier then fabric glue) and staple the edges
6. Insert into frame
7. Hang!


Another fun idea is to make a collage wall of frames with different fabric, instead of photos!


~ Michele


sea | pea | tea said...

Michele, you're too good! These looks amazing!!

Mary said...

Amazing!!!! Ok, you know where I live, come and do my house! xo

lindabowman@adnc.com said...

Need to stage home! House on Market and caravan on March 30! Need help. Tore up my knee this week and can barely walk! Lunch? MRI tomorrow though. Luv your blog! Truely don't know know how you hav
e the time. Love, L

Anna Young said...

love this idea!!

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