Wedding Wednesday: South African Style

I cant wait to share with you a dear family friend's South African wedding! Krystle, the stunning bride and I grew up together playing every made up game there was and most likely getting in trouble! Krystle is so full of life and as you can see has a smile to kill. She meet her husband, Jacques years back and together they have built an incredible life! Their little girl, Isabella Coco is seriously the sweetest thing I have ever seen. The ceremony pics of them holding there little girl, will bring tears to your eyes! I guess it should be assumed that such a good looking couple would make such a beautiful little girl!

Krystle and Jacques live in South Africa and got married in Durban North Methodist Church with the reception at the gorgeous Oyster Box Hotel.

Take a look at the very special day!


Cheers to The MacKenzie's! We don't see you enough! Jay and I are aiming for a South Africa trip- 2012! We hope to see you soon...

~ Michele

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