Laren and Courtney: JCrew Photo Shoot

My gorgeous friends Courtney and Laren! Check out a very short highlight of their photo shoot taken by the very talented Stone Crandall. Make sure you look around on Stone's site, as his work is stunning! Laren and Courtney have been married for just over a year now and they are the perfect candidates for a JCrew inspired shoot! Stone has such an eye for photography and design, which clearly explains why his work ended up on Green Wedding Shoes!

Here is a bit of background on one of my favorite couples: Laren is the founder of a non-profit based in San Diego called Invisible Children. Through the use of film, creativity and social action Invisible Children is actively contributing to the restoration of peace and prosperity in Northern Uganda. Courtney actually met Laren when she was volunteering for Invisible Children as a roadie. My husband and Laren had worked together at Invisible Children for 5 years, so naturally I become besties with the fun loving Courtney. We just love them so much. Almost as much as Laren's INSANE proposal video. Please take a second to watch. If you are a sucker for the classic love stories, make sure a tissue is close by! You can read the engagement story on Green Wedding Shoes.


Proposal Video from Behind the Scenes on Vimeo.

Hope you are feeling the love today!

~ Michele

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