Wedding Wednesday: Tips from a Bride

Now that we are going into peak wedding season, I wanted to focus a few weeks worth of "Wedding Wednesday's" with "Tips from Past Brides"! I think these are so important to read, as they have experienced the whole process already and naturally have gained insight from the Big Day!

The lovely Cynthia has shared her very helpful feedback from her wedding day!

1. Give yourself enough time to plan! It will make the whole experience more enjoyable (and it will probably save you some money) if you don't feel forced to make quick decisions.

2. Try on all types of dresses even if you have an idea of what you want already. People told me this and I still resisted certain styles because I didn't think they'd look good on my body type. One of the dresses I was sure wouldn't look good ended up being my wedding dress and it was a dream dress that made me feel amazing on my wedding day.

3. When choosing a photographer, make sure to look at their blogs to see their most recent work. Also, meet potential photographers in person. You will be able to tell a lot about their professionalism if you meet them in person and also be able to get a feel for if you have a personal connection with them. The personal connection will make you more comfortable in front of the camera which will result in better pictures!

4. When you start to freak out about details (it happens to us all)...remember why you are doing all of this -- to celebrate marrying the love of your life. That will help put things in perspective so the small things don't feel like such a big deal.

5. Always check with a few different vendors so you can compare prices, and negotiate!

6. Don't feel bad asking your bridesmaids/friends/parents/fiance for help. They all want to be involved, and will be flattered (as long as you don't start ordering them around). :) You can't do everything all by yourself, and people won't know what you need if you don't ask. Getting help will also make you less of a bridezilla and allow you to enjoy the wedding planning process more since you'll be spending more time with people you love.

7. Hire a planner (like Michele) :) even if it is just for the day of your wedding. Although it may seem like an added expense, it will save you time and possibly money too to have a resource that can introduce you to venues/vendors etc. that are within your price range and meet your needs.

8. Take time during your engagement to be with your fiance. Make sure that some of the time you spend together is not consumed by talk about the wedding.

9. Keep your stress in check by making time for exercise and getting sleep. This will help you remain sane and also hopefully keep you from becoming a total bridezilla. Although the process can be stressful, you don't want to look back on the process and have regrets about the way that you treated others.

10. Make sure to get travel insurance if you are leaving the country for your honeymoon! It's relatively cheap and can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Things sometimes happen, and you don't want to get stuck with a ton of additional expenses especially after spending so much on your wedding.

11. Make room in your budget for a honeymoon even if you can't afford to go somewhere remote or exotic. Having that time together relaxing after your wedding will be absolute heaven after all of the stress of the wedding, and it is the perfect way to start your marriage.


Thank you so much Cynthia for the amazing tips!

~ Michele

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