Wedding Wednesday: Tips from a Bride

Round 2 of amazing Wedding Tips! Thank you for sharing such detailed tips from your experience:

#1 Remember that your wedding day is ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND! Do anything and everything and ONLY what you want to make your day truly special!

#2 I didn't want to take off my fabulous wedding shoes either, but by mid way through the evening, I had no choice. Buy some flats that you can change into for dancing. You won't regret it! We provided a basket of flip flops in various sizes for guests, which I wore as well, but I sometimes cringe looking at pictures of myself dancing up a storm in flip flops with my dress!!

#3 Don't forget to provide your photographer with a list of MUST GET photos (family combos, details, etc...) I didn't and I'm still kicking myself for it!

#4 I thought I could get away without having a day of coordinator (I'm a big of a control freak) but THANK GOODNESS I did (and THANK GOODNESS it was Michele with Before I Do Events). I thought I could swing down to the wedding site the day before and that morning to make sure things were set up... I didn't have a clue what would go into it. She made sure things were handled with vendors throughout the day, dealing with any questions, problems they may have had during the ceremony, reception. Imagine having to take these types of calls on your special day?! I went through the entire day without a worry because she was putting out all the fires behind the scenes. Do yourself a favor, even if you think you are Wonder Woman (like I did!), and get yourself a day of coordinator!!!


What a beautiful couple and wedding! Thank you!

~ Michele

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