Finishing Touches Tuesday: Amanda's Easter

It is a competition in the family, as to who loves doing tables the most. It is so much fun to share the same passion and interests as my sister in law! We can talk party planning for hours, as we love to dream up lavish events. It is the men in our lives that seem to damper our moods as they put the brakes on our wild ideas. :) Amanda is an incredible party planner and is always scheming up the next holiday or family event.

Take a look at the gorgeous Easter table she did for us! I just love the Chocolate Bunnies with the lime green name tags and the easter basket flower arrangements. On top of her stunning table scape she also made an amazing brunch!

You can also check out more details on the table here.


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Amanda said...

You are waaay too generous! And hilarious...if only they would let us run with our wild ideas...we could paint the town rainbow already. :) Love you! XO

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