Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Wise Show

The Wedding Wise show this past weekend was a total hit! They really put on an excellent show! There were so many talented vendors that together gave the day such a good vibe. Brides seemed thrilled to be a part of the special and unique show. They took their time as they walked through the show, soaking up all the creative and fun new ideas. I met some really sweet and styled out potential brides. I hope to work with you all soon!

You can see below, a highlight of the Before I Do booth! Thanks to the very talented Studio Castillero who came early to capture the day! There work is just stunning! Thank you Rachel and Rico for making us look so good! :)


Thank you to my brother and his wife, Nina for coming to help set up! You were such a huge help. Also, thank you to my darling assistant, Annika who always brings a smile to my face! What a great day and show! Until next year...

Thank you to some of my favorite vendors:

Photography: Studio Castillero

~ Michele


dCc said...

looks so gorgeous!!! so sad that I could not be there


sea | pea | tea said...

Amazing pictures, AMAZING set up Michele!! Every single detail is just perfect together. The blue mason jars/vases with the sweet orange and yellow flowers... LOVE IT! You're so stinking talented. I dont know anyone that can do rustic chic like you can! Glad I could help out in a teeny tiny way :)

Amanda said...

You are incredible!!! These photos are beautiful and I am sure the show was a huge success! XO

Tammi Pederson said...

Came to check in and see how it went! Absolutely stunning Mich, honestly... your talent blows me away :) So proud of you and can't wait to hear all about it!! xo

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