DIY Friday: Gadget Travel Tote

I love this concept. Plus it is so easy to do. Whenever I travel, I bring all these pieces but just shove it in a bag. They then get tangled and ruined, which is why I am loving this idea. Try to make your own gadget travel tote. Just follow these easy steps:
  • Find a new and fun dish towel
  • Fold one short side two-thirds of the way up from bottom
  • Flip folded towel over from left to right
  • Double-fold the top down as shown to create two layers of pockets
  • Pin; stitch along sides. Create four pockets by stitching three more seams, spacing them as desired
  • For tie closures, stitch two lengths of twill tape to top and bottom edges
Read more at Gadget Travel Tote - Martha Stewart Crafts



~ Michele

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