Finishing Touches Tuesday: Meg's Shower

I have the amazingly lucky privilege to be pregnant along side a few dear friends. We are all just weeks apart! Miss Meg is only 1.5 weeks behind me, so we found it totally perfect to have a baby shower bonanza weekend. It was a weekend full of SO many laughs, spoiling, oh and FOOD. :) Meg flew in from Denver for the weekend and we got out last single/alone time together before life changes dramatically. On Saturday my sister in laws threw me the most gorgeous shower (Thursday's Blog Post...) and then on Sunday Shana, Vanessa and myself threw Miss Meg a spoiled day with her closest ladies.

We built the menu around "Meg's Cravings". We had 4 stations:
1. Salt and Vinegar Chips and French Fries with a Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce
2. Chicken Curry Croissants and a Chicken Pesto Pasta Salad
3. Bloody Mary's and Blood Orange Sparkling Juice
4. Fruit Salad with a Thyme Dressing and Double Chocolate Chip Carmel Brownies

Told you we ate well!!! Del and Meg are waiting to find out what baby DeWindt is going to be so the shower theme was just a bi-gender elegant mix of all things beautiful and fun! We did send Meg and Del off with quite the book collection, as we had people bring a book (directions to sign the inside cover) instead of a card. I cant wait to see how the book shelf is coming along back home in Denver.


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sea | pea | tea said...

You girls are truly amazing!!! :)

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