Thoroughly Inspired Thursday: Baby Woodcock's Secret Email

I was doing errands the other day and ended up spending way too long in the bank. The teller was so friendly and sweet and would not stop chatting my ear off. In the beginning I was kinda annoyed because my day to do list was longer then any normal person should squeeze into a day let alone a pregnant one. But I am so glad I stayed around to listen and talk because he gave me a little tip that I just LOVE!

He asked if I had kids and I said the first is in the oven (why people cant tell I have no idea). He then told me what his parents did for him when he was in the oven and I almost died...

Before he was born which happened to be the beginning of the .com era, his parents created him a AOL email account. They would send him emails all the time, recapping major things in his life or just checking in to chat. For instance, his Mom would talk about what it was like to have him in her belly and want giving birth was all about. When he was old enough to realize and appreciate the hidden email account, they gave him the log in and let him sit back and read all the adventures he had lived but maybe forgot! He said it was one of the most special teary eyed days he can remember. How COOl is that!

So baby Woodcock- GMAIL awaits you!



sea | pea | tea said...

Amazing! Done and done :)

Anonymous said...

honestly so adorable michele... you're so cute and that's a genious idea :) -P.M.Itzasin

Sara said...

this is so sweet :-) What a great idea

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