Finishing Touches Tuesday: Themed Sweets Table

Congrats to the 2011 Navy Seal graduating class. This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping put together a party to honor the graduation of these brave souls. Not only have they survived hell week but a year long intense series of back to back tests and trials. We are all so proud of them. The crazy part is their journey has only now begun...

We had 400 people come to the Bowman's residence to celebrate the big day. The Bowman's were so gracious to host the event and did so with so much love and dedication. Their son, Gray was a member of the graduating class and they were beaming ear to ear as any proud parent would.

I want to highlight my favorite part of the party from a planners perspective - The sweet table! Claudette from Urban Confections did such an amazing job on the spread. We had agreed to not make it girly and to instead play off the Navy Seal look that they had grown accustomed to. We had camouflage sugar cookies, mini cheesecake tarts, dipped strawberries and mini cupcakes all sitting on top of real ammo cans and barrels. The table was a complete success and crowd favorite.

A special thanks to the always amazing Studio Castillero for taking these incredible shots! I heart you Rach!


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sea | pea | tea said...

Nice job Mich!!! Did you save me a fruit tart? I'm hungry :)

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